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Made of Solid Brass ...2 1/2 diameter and 5 1/2 long

Please help Identify

Thank You

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It is an Offset Hammer Wrench, with the adjectives striking, knocker, slug, slap attached to it.

There would be a handle attached to it.  However, this being said, I have no idea what it's main purpose is....except to work on something big.  :)

more than likely to remove brass hub caps or might be used on early steam heaters

berlyco non sparking hammer wrench some where explosive or flamible so not steel sparks

Thanks All for Info..

Yes Looks to be Berylco but now cannot find this Style anywhere?

I'd guess underground mining, possibly coal. Brass doesn't spark.

Check out water meter and fire hydrant wrenches. 

Just like this wrench is hard to find?

Thanks for the imput.


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