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Here's another one that I'm having trouble nailing down, I'm pretty sure it's some kind of scoop but I haven't been able to find a good reference for it. It's not strong enough to be a cheesetester, but could be for butter, or for scooping grass seeds at a hardware store. Maybe it's just general purpose, but I would like to see a patent or catalog listing to prove what it is.

lt's about 1-1/2" diameter, it could sample butter but the metal is not strong enough for cheese.

I was thinking the ring was for pushing out whatever is in the scoop, especially if it was something like butter. There is a small museum near me that has one of these, they say it is a sausage stuffer, with the ring being used to push the stuffing into the casing. I don't know how they decided on sausage stuffer, I'll have to email them and ask. Without a reference for this tool, it's all guesswork if it's for reinforcement or pushing something. 

What do you think?

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To me it resembles a vintage cheese scoop with moving slide ejector for testing cheese being made.

Here is a photo of another version.

Image result for antique scoop

I've seen similar in a coffee roaster. Does it smell of anything?

A coffee scoop wouldn't require the means to eject the contents with a sliding panel.  Coffee beans simply fall out, whereas some cheeses can cling.

Here is a testing scoop specifically used for Stilton cheese.

Image result for cheese scoop stilton

Thank you twice, and thank you both for your input.  This is to help the man at the MWTCA, so I sent your information forward.  I thought cheese, also.  He just said it was not strong enough for it...but as you demonstrate, there are many kinds of cheese.


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