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Does anyone know any more about this item, I think its Shunga art. Its hand carved and a bit cheeky. Dont know what its made of bone or something else. Really well carved. Quite small.



Any other details welcome,thanks

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It appears to be a Netsuke


no idea on value or date

several are on ebay and in the adult section

Thanks Johnny, the loving couple can actually be seperated into 2 individual pieces, I bought it for approx 15 dollars. The photo doesnt do it justice. Nice piece. 

So as to value and age???

is there a mark at the bottom?

Checked all bottoms Sherry, no marks :)

No none that I can see. There is a tiny mark on each foot but it may be part of the carving. 

You say it comes apart?  Being what it is can it go together in other "positions" and if separated is anything exposed?  I'm not asking for pictures, just a verbal answer...

Is it ivory,  ox-bone,  jade, jadeite or soapstone? If you don't know you might take it to a jeweler or gemologist.

A Netsuke is used to hold a robe together.  Might just be a carving "in the Netsuke style".

Rather than being a sex toy or object, it might have been part of an educational set to show "newbies" how it all works.  Ancient porn I guess?

When seperated the male" honour" is shown and the womans breasts. I thought it was a type of art Shunga, which was used to teach the birds and the bees to children in those days. Its not signed and I read somewhere that artists didnt sign them to avoid the notoriety and the effect it might have had on their careers. Although quite small there is a bit of weight to it. I dont know what it is made off. They only fit in the one position.

Any idea to value? 

Scroll down to 431, 432, 433; also, 438, 439 for ivory sets. Didn't check any others.


Jade, jadeite would be 2-5 times as much, bone, soapstone, resin, ceramic considerably less.

Yours looks like fine Chinese jade, polished and waxed, but could be glass.

Take it to a jeweler to determine.

Thanks Tom much appreciated, will bring it to jewellers as advised.


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