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I was told it was a butter cutter, but it doesn't have wires.......just metal dividers.

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Well, it does look like it could function as an egg yolk separator...?

I thought about that (egg separator) but they all seem to have the circular center to catch the yolk.  I think it looks like a strainer of some sort, maybe for ice or fruit...just with a unique design.  For cocktails they are usually round to fit the top of the glass, but, again, maybe just a unique design.  I would say l am pretty confident it is not a butter cutter, though.  That would be awfully messy.

Here's another view.

What about a butter applicator for corn on the cob!  Now that I see the shape of the bottom, being rounded like put the butter in and run in over the corn cob, without the entire stick being applied directly...?  After all, metal is a great conductor of heat and the width of the dividers would make more sense....right?  

Molly is correct.

Ah yes, now that I see the side view, I can see it is the same as my yellow tupperware plastic modern day corn cob butter I myself own.

Vtg Tupperware Yellow Corn Cob Butter Hugger Salt Pepper Shake Pair of 2

Image result for Antique stainless steel corn buttererRoyal Danish corn butterer 1939 sterling silver

Thank everyone for your replies! I tried to thank each of you individually, but apparently they didn't post. MH


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