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Well, I saw an interesting estate sale posted for today and decided to go.. I saw this piece sitting on the table and picked it up. It is very heavy for its size and has a heavy glass lid that lifts up. I had not seen a piece like this before, so I asked the lady there what it was. She told me that it was a European container that would hold communion wafers. They told me that it was probably around 100 years old. Unfortunately there is a crack/break in the glass, but I still think it was worth the price I paid. I tried to do a little research, but did not see anything exactly like this.. Does anyone know if this is indeed a wafer holder or what it might be? Also any guesses on the age

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Hi Rebecca,

After doing my searching, I do not really see any container used for this purpose.  I even studied the terminology for church items.  This seems more like a vanity container, as part of the set for the dresser.  The communion wafers are kept in a box, then on a plate or short vessel, and there is a little round container for if they are taking it to a sick or homebound person.  I am not going to use the terminology I learned for fear of using it incorrectly...;0...

There are many examples of "nestling" jars, powder canisters, etc.  Of course, being quite removed from religious practices, it is entirely possible that there is a church that uses this container for that exact purpose...without breaking any laws!  Hope this helps a little.

Thank you for your response. So, maybe it is some sort of dresser jar. I bet the whole set would have have been lovely :)

Aha!  Found it!

Antique Vintage Sterling Overlay On Cobalt Glass Dresser Jar/Box

Antique Vintage Sterling Overlay On Cobalt Glass Dresser Jar/Box


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