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Can anyone help identify this item? I'm totally clueless with this one. I was leaning towards a candle holder, or something nautical?? Big difference, right? Looks to be brass, and the glass is heavy/thick. It is 3" tall

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Without having measurements of the item, my best guess would be, it's a candle holder.  Not only would the shape of the transparent glass aide in magnifying the light, if you place a candle, short enough not to protrude from the top, it would also help prevent it from blowing out as you move around holding it.

I thought that too, but the opening is only about an inch and it's only  3 inches tall. I put a taper candle in it to see what it looked like/ It just doesn't fit right or look right. But it could be just me.  Thanks for replying.

Hmm, that's an odd one Barbara! My first thought was garden lantern too, but I think your right, that its just to small for that use. So, my second thought was an Asian bug/Cricket box. It's to bad you don't have a lid for it. If it had holes in it, we could be more certain.

I think these come from China or Japan. I haven't seen one in a long while, so I might be completely wrong. :/ Something to start with though, maybe?

Yellow glass insulator. For electrical or telegraph/telephone wires. Maybe you can find one here:;_ylt=AwrTcdr3NRpZFqgACOA...

Looks like something Nautical . Almost looks like a light house prism . Maybe a sales sample?

Barbara, take a pair of pliers and squeeze the 2 prongs together. That will enlarge-expand the  rim and the brass should come off.  I suspect the names are under the brass.

After removing the  brass take pics of bottom of glass, and inside of brass.  In one picture it looks like the brass is crimped or flattened at 7:00 and something is written on it. Angle of pic prevents reading.

thing.jpg (403×732)

thing1.jpg (960×540)

thing2.jpg (960×540)

Could this be part of a boat like this ?

perko_antique_brass_chris_craft_gar_wood_beehive_glass_globe_boat_stern_light_1_lgw.jpg (826×1499)

Check out Vintage brass anchor lantern


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