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What is the proper name for this item and was it used to deliver milk ?

I picked up this item today and I don't think using the word milk jug is correct.

it looks to big to used to drop milk off at people's houses.

The name Arden Farms, which according to my research, was located near Tuxedo, NY and operated in the 20th century.

It measures approximately 19"  tall.

Any help in telling me the proper name of this item and how it was used would be greatly appreciated.

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Well, far as I know these are usually called "Milk Cans" not jugs. So that might help you?

Amish still use these, and I know that there are some Rare/Collectible types of cans that collectors always seek. But, offhand I couldn't tell you which are which.

I'm not to good with primitives, as they just don't sell in my area. Southern states in the USA is where most are collected and sold. 

Keep us posted if you learn more!

Never saw one that shape but that size is more likely a cream can.

Awesome find Tom !

Thanks to Fred, not me...

Out West they're called Milk Cans and depending on your definition of "used to deliver milk" milk was delivered to customers in glass bottles from creameries who got their milk, or cream, or goat milk-cream from small dairies in cans like these.

Correction. Thanks fred !

When I was in highschool our church group took "the milk train" from Spokane, WA to Seattle. So called because it stopped at every village along the way and picked up full milk cans and/or delivered milk, in bulk. In milk cans like yours. In the Navy milk from creameries was delivered in bulk in cans like yours. Some dairies still use them but many are now decorated and filled with corn stalks, cat tails, wheat, weeds, flowers or plastic stuff!

Thanks for the info Tom


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