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I'm trying to identify an artist and location of print.

Print is of fisherman outside of city.  In background is

unique structure,  possible early high rise.

Familiar to anyone?

Frame is Newcomb-Macklin.  

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Name in center bottom (no pic) usually is name of ptg.

Name in right bottom (no pic) might be distributor or gallery or location.

Pic on left bottom is out of focus.

What is the medium?  Looks like pastel.

I believe it's pen & watercolor 


The buildings remind me of Russia or Turkey...with a little Italy thrown in.  The structure resembles the Colosseum but the "windows" are rectangular.  It is definitely unique.  In fact, it almost looks like it does not belong in the picture for the time period.  Interesting, though. 

The bottom letters seem to correspond to "monetary transactions" of some sort when I tried to look up what I THOUGHT they said.  The type was in Russian on Google.  The one site was written in German. SZHKOYI?

This probably does not help too much...but, I tried.

Thanks Molly,

The structure is what drew me to the picture.   It's odd and out of place

for the time period.  The frame is Newcomb-Macklin, a true treasure itself !

Now if I can only identify the print !

It looks like an old fallen down castle to me. There are numerous buildings in Greece and their alphabet looks similar. Limassol Kolossi looks like it, color difference could be the artist's levity.

Tri-cor hat on fisherman in Greece didn't hit.  Square bow rowboat likewise. Triple Arched bridge in Greece hit "Limassol" a town. Also Pathos aka Port Pathos.  The white line inside the arches on the painting could be a promenade or street in the background which can be seen  in Limassol.  (images)

Google Map of Limassol doesn't show a bridge crossing the bay or estuary.

BTW, square bow rowboats are normally the lifeboat towed behind a sailboat or cruiser. The square bow rides over the prop wash or contrail whereas a pointed bow would oscillate. Most intelligent fishermen use a pointed rowboat as it cuts through the water and maintains its course.  Artist levity, I guess.

Hi John,

You definitely have a mid-century intaglio print. I think it might be an etching with hand coloring. I'm trying so hard to make out the artist's name. It could be Russian or Eastern European. The scene could be fictional, but I am hoping the citadel on the right will be identifiable. The title is written in pencil beneath the print, but even that is unreadable. Still searching!

I'm still staring at it. I take back my etching. It's a stone lithograph with hand coloring.


Castel (castle) Sant'Angels and Ponte (bridge) Sant'Angels, Rome, Italy. Different artist, same view...

Image result for ponte sant'angelo rome italy

Not Greece, Far East,Turkey or Russia!  I found it.  It's in Rome, Italy.  Kind of fun finding it. River is the Tigris, in your picture it's flowing away from the fisherman towards the bridge.  Large building with dome in background is St.Peters Cathedral.  Odd structure on right is not out of place. It is the Castel (castle) Sant'Angelo and the bridge is Ponte (bridge) Sant'Angelo. Your picture shows only 3 arches, others are obscured. There are 6 arches. Today, and before WW II, there were 12 angels standing 2 per abutment. They were taken down for safekeeping during the war years. Bridge was heavily damaged as was the castle. Your view of the castle shows the ugly side, upper 3 stories look like homes or apartments.  Front (not visible) is the pretty side. Cannot make out name of your artist. If you google the site names and click "Images" there are many pics, prints, paintings and post cards of this scene, although most show the pretty side.

Image result for litho castel de sant'angelo


Thank you!

I meant to say that your print doesn't show the angels on the bridge which dates it to 1937-1950 when they were taken down.


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