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I was lucky to get these from an online auction for 60 bucks!  They are steel? and incredibly detailed.  Would love any info anyone could provide.  They are quite romantic. Maybe Renaissance? I have no clue. Measures approximately  14-16" high x 11"

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They do look very interesting.. Nice buy. They do look like they are renaissance court dance presentations/representations.

Thanks! :)

They are steel?  What?  Check with a refrigerator magnet; if it sticks it is steel. If it doesn't stick it's not. Metal looks quite white to me; am thinking it might be zinc.  Renaissance period was 1300-1700.  When was steel invented? (mid 1800s). They look modern to me, no more than 20-30 years.  Nice looking, I can see "romantic" too, as you say.

These are great! Bradley & Hubbard made plaques like this with various types of patination. It might be worth exploring. Yours would date from c.1880-1910. Do yours have any markings on the back? I have a similar plaque about half the size of yours:

This one looks like the one you have it is retailing for abt 2395.00 it is made from Pewter

Hi Jay

I hope for Toni, you're right and that's what she's got, nice find for 60 bucks.

Incidentally, I like your Plug Ring avatar icon, but it looks like a very portable suicide ring.

My wife gave it to me as an anniversary present, she said after almost 40 years living with me I deserved it... I am one lucky guy huh...

You really do need to establish the metal type and age before getting too excited, some resins can be very heavy and it can easily be mistaken for pewter. Are there any makers/foundry marks on them? One way to be sure if these are metal or resin would be to make a very small scratch on the back (in the most discreet spot possible) with a small steel blade, resin will be soft and leave powder whereas pewter will be shiny silver, this is a destructive test though so I wouldn't do it myself! Does it feel cold to the touch? resin will feel warm, pewter will feel cold but this also requires a little experience. Tap them with a tea spoon, do they have a dull metallic ring or a dull wooden ring?

As Tom suggested, try a magnet, pewter is not magnetic and that test for starters is a non-destructive one.

If not magnetic, carry on from there with additional testing.

The chances of these being pewter is slim. They are likely an alloy of mixed cheaper metals (lead, zinc), because the goal with many reliefs like these was to either enamel over top of them, or plate them with a more expensive metal. As they are now, the reliefs are in a somewhat unfinished state. Once decorated, they would have been inserted into wooden or patinated metal frames to go on the wall.

Thank you so much.  I did all tests and posted my results along with new pics.  ☺️


Magnets do NOT stick.

SCRATCH revealed shiny surface

Spoon test METTALIC

COOL to the touch

better pics attached.



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