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This knife was handed down to me by my grandmother from her father. Anyone have an idea what it's worth? I'm interested in selling it. Thanks

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In "unused, near mint" condition it would sell for around $150-200. USD.  It is Art Nouveau era, late Victorian design.  Made in Solingen, Germany circa 1880s-1890s.

Needless to say your knife's condition is not very good. One picture makes me wonder what isn't shown...maybe broken blade, or rust.  Your knife looks like it's been sharpened and used and no great care given.  Hard to say what it's worth, maybe $20-50.00, maybe less, maybe more.  One thing is that I didn't see any others like it, so maybe it's rare.  That could push up the value but most collectors look at condition first.

Sorry I don't have better news.

Wester made knives from 1904 to 1967. They were based in New York but contracted German company Soligen for their steel blades.


Is your knife stamped "New York" ? There were periods during WWI and WWII which boycotted their import to the USA.  Your knife appears to be from the 1920's.

I disagree.  The knife was made (so said) by Wester & Butz, not just Wester. W&B operated in the 1880s-90s in Solingen.

What are you disagreeing to Tom ?  I asked if the blade was stamped New York. And Wester was contracted to Soligen from New York during that period.

Age.  I say 1880s-90s when Wester & Butz were in business.  Not 1920's as you state.

Wester contracted to New York in the 1920's. Look it up Tom.

Chuck, two entities.  You're stuck on Wester, but the knife isn't marked Wester. It's stamped Wester & Butz. 

I did read about Wester, an importer in NYC who operated in 1904-1967. But we are not talking about Wester.

Wester & Butz operated 1880s-1890s in Germany. 

Thank you guys very much. I have not seen a NY stamp on it. All the blades come out, but like you said it's condition is not great. Thanks again for the info!!


Blade's Guide to Knives and Their Values edited by Steve Shackleford states Wester & Butz had many brands including Wester Bros. Location - Merscheid  .... AND ,,,dates  1832-1966. .... The company is rated as a medium value knife.


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