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I have six of these plates in great condition.

Here's some pics, would love any info.

Thanks again!


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Adding a couple pictures.



Interesting upon further examination, some of these plates have different markings, and Different Letter Marks on the back. A couple of the (6) look like the WEDGEWOOD Stamp is backwards , not all of them are stamped Adams either.

I'll have to upload others, but if any of you can direct me with this one i'd certainly appreciate it.

Adam's were fine potters became a part of the Wedgwood group in 1966 and then the Adam's company closed in 1968 - so your plates were most likely produced between 1966 and 1968 - they are beautiful and have the wonderful Victorian flavor.
Thank you bethania, do you have any idea as to their value?

It looks to me like these were maybe collected over a period of time, some say Adam's and other's not.  I'll have to take pictures of more. 

I was examing markings on this site to try to date them: It is a bit confusing.




The pattern is an old pattern - 1889 - and the interesting part is the plate looks more like a Wedgwood example then an Adams example. Typically the more stamping, numbers, and so on - on a plate reveal the history and the dating. R would be 1889.  There is also the crackle age on the bottom of the plate and so the other possibility is that these plates were made for a department or specialty store and imported. Which could explain why Adam's was over-stamped on the Wedgwood. What are the markings on the other plates?


Oh - and why not change your Avatar? It would be great to get to know you and see you (I am also queen of the Avatar patrol to change all those boring IAO avatar icons)!

LOL I'll have to figure out how to change the Avitar, I'm obviously not queen of the Avitars! But  I'll work in that one. I was reading somewhere that Adam's was a student at one point. I'm going to take pics of each one and number them for research purposes. Strange some of the stamps look like they are backwards ..Let me upload them.


Thanks for your help!


Stay tuned...

Jan - I will. 

For Avatar, go to your "My page" click on the (ugly) blue image and you will see change Photo come up. Click on that and it will say change image then take you to My Settings page - where at the very top it will say upload a new photo and just follow the instructions.  Very simple - yeah!

Here are the rest of the plates .
And last number 5, six being the original i posted.

Love your Avatar! 

The markings on each plate say a lot - often popular patterns were made by other companies because of the demand for the pattern or piece. Competition was a lot nicer and more open in the "olden" days. And although copyright laws have been in effect for eons - sometimes they did not apply. I would need to double check on the marks, however I believe the pattern is an Adam's pattern based on the markings and at the same time Wedgwood. This is very curious but I think explainable - I will try to get back to you, but I believe your plates are worth between 35 and 50.00 each.

Thanks Bunches...I so appreciate your help. I've been searching online pics forever in circles again..lol And i'm just trying at this time to identify the pattern! Can't find anything like it. They sure are strange! Thus the reason I picked them up !


Look forward to hearing from you.



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