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ok, I have searched and searched, cannot find this anywhere. The label says Waterford Glass Limited, made in the republic of Ireland. It measures approx. 6" long - but please tell me - what did I buy??

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Your pics are out of focus--guess you used a cell phone?

Waterford Crystal is currently in business. Their home office is in Waterford City, Ireland plus they have a USA base too. Suggest you contact them, might be quicker.

I have two ideas, one is a dauber for perfume...they make them.  Secondly they created and maintain the "Crystal Ball" that drops at midnight Dec 31st and lands Jan 1st in Times Square, NYC. Possibly it came from that? The pointed end might stick into an electrical socket like a light bulb.

Looks like a pipe.

Maybe a limited production, purely decorative item, manufactured by Waterford to commemorate the ages old tradition of pipe smoking dear to Ireland. 

Thank you both - much appreciated

It looks like a candle snuffer to me.

I thought that for a split second, too.

But (unfortunate early) experience with small Fairy lamps cracking from the heat of a tea light, steered me away from snuffer; as not only would the snuffer get nasty from black soot and wax, it would eventually crack the crystal.

The mouth piece is a bit of a give-away simulating a pipe mouthpiece.

I'm thinking it was purely decorative, perhaps a run of them were produced for St. Patrick's Day or general Irish pride.

It trully does resemble a pipe, so much so in fact I would say it was purposely designed that way, and could indeed be purely decorative as you say.  I am a big fan of practical and purposeful objects and do still see how this can be also usd as a candle snuffer.  Obviously, me being a fan of something doesn't make it right.

Prolonged exposure to extreme heat could indeed crack glass or crystal, however, its proximity and duration near the flame is so miniscule means it wouldn't have the chance to do damage and glass or crystal is very easy to clean.  Ultimately, the flame goes out far too quickly to be of any concern.

Glass and Crystal candle snuffers do exist, along with others made of various other substances like, brass, tin, copper, gold and my favourite after doing a brief google search... Christmas Candy

William Yeoward Crystal Candle Snuffer

Image result for crystal candle snuffer

thank you all, I have searched for "tobacco pipes", candle snuffers" even drinks servers to no avail. I will not give up (yet!) If it is a candle snuffer, there are no burn marks on the inside, but, yes if used correctly there wouldn't be, if the owner cares about the piece. You will hear a big "YAHOOOO" if and when I find it.

These kind of mysteries are great fun and set off the detective in some of us.

Or in clinical terms, they set off the Obsessive Compulsive proclivity in some of us. ;-)

All your points are absolutely relevant, Michael.

And hey, why not have a duality to the thing? Have a flame snuffer resemble a pipe.

Oh geez....but then when one thinks about bygone days and the penchant for having a dedicated item for everything under the sun: doilies for the backs of upholstered chair protecting it from greasy men's hair pomade, the dressing table bowl hair saver, the home-art of designing intricate wreaths and such with saved hair.......to a plate for asparagus, fish, oysters, celery; relish trays, pickle casters, various sized bone marrow scoopers,  the combo item for trimming candle-wicks so the trimmed wick is collected in the reservoir, etc; one then wonders at the disconnect by way of a candle snuffer shaped like a pipe. Like what's the pipe got to do with snuffing a candle other than they both share the commonality of a flame? They lit their pipes with either a stick of tinder lit off a candle or from the fireplace, or if Vesta cases were invented they'd use match and striker. You don't put out a pipe by snuffing it or could you smother out a pipe? Wouldn't a gentleman turn the tobacco ashes out into an ashtray or ash-tin? 

Knowing what I know about glass, fire, hot and cold and how they interact, even if that "Waterford glass thingy" was sold as a snuffer, I wouldn't use it as such. I would put it on a shelf near a window and let the sun make rainbows w/ that gorgeous vivid color refraction inherent in heavily leaded, crisply cut crystal. It would sit, collecting dust amidst the hundreds of totally useless but lovely chatchkeys all over the house. 

I love unsolved mysteries, Leanne; Michael and hope somebody discovers this thingy's origin and purpose.


I just took another glance and have this last impression; the fact that it is 6" long swings it back more in favor of Michael's snuffer idea. A little decorative crystal pipe might possibly be more miniature in size, like a 3" length. My hunch says along with the pipe may have been successively produced crystal shamrock, Celtic knot, pot-o-gold, Claddagh, a harp..and/or other iconic symbols of Ireland.


I found a Waterford decorative golf club paper-weight on ebth.com

Approx 3"x5"

WOW Pamela, that is the closest I have seen! I also LOVED your narrative, oh how I wish I had kept my Grandmother's "odds and ends", but I was a young thing!! I too have a vast array of different things, and the occasional "thingy" they are "old", "different" or "interesting", I feel sorry for my son when I leave this earth - he will have the collection, and he will have the joy - and pain - of searching for them online!! I might even put a flip phone in my collection!!!!! Thank you so much again,

Hi Leanne,

Hey, unless we popped out of mama's womb, pre-loaded with wisdom and knowledge of all things "antique" or even the foresight of recognizing inherent value, we've ALL been there. I cringe at the thought of all the valuable things I threw out or donated to charity in the act of cleaning/decluttering. And I was a young thing, too. Add us to millions of others and that amounts to tons of great stuff discarded and destroyed or put into a shop and reclaimed by someone w/ the acquired knowledge that only comes with age, experience and research. Your son will benefit by giving him the name of someone you trust who will dispose of your estate and provide proper compensation. That is if your son is too overwhelmed to sell or just not interested. It is rather sad, going to an auction and seeing 50 beautifully cared for Swarovski pieces, a walking stick collection, militaria, jewelry; you name it,  knowing these were once someone's lifelong passion, acquired with excitement in the getting and joy in possessing. And the gavel goes down for a pittance of the collection's worth. That's why we owe it to ourselves to scope out the person or company we feel will do our stuff justice. I say, buy what brings you joy and enjoy it while here. Then direct your loved ones on what you wish to happen to your stuff after you are gone. It will give you peace of mind and take the shock and dread out of what your son might feel when confronted with the massive load of stuff acquired throughout your life. I think I should shut my trap now, before I get yelled at for rambling about something off topic or not in the appropriate discussion area. ;-) I am a life-long antiquer and lover of old things but a solid green newbie re: knowledge of every facet of this site.

I'm pretty sure Dianne's got a group set up for disposing of stuff or downsizing etc. I know Harry Rinker has written numerous highly informative articles on this subject.

About that crystal pipe, as I was searching, I saw many decorative crystal items output as one of a line of similar. Waterford did a series of sea related items and also animals. And to tomsantiquesetcetera point, it was cool to see Waterford has output a variation of the Time's Square Crystal Ball every year since they took over design and maintenance of it.

I also very much enjoy the candor and personality of your posts, Leanne!


Hi Pamela,

A quick note before they yell at me for going off point - besides its getting close to my sleep time! The saddest things I see at any sale are the photo frames complete with the photos in them. The second saddest thing I see is the way joe public treats items on sale - they seem to have forgotten that the items they are looking at were once someone's life and joy. Respect appears to be a disappearing art. As to the Waterford "thingy" - I am not giving up!


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