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A device for mixing a water-soluble granular material into a water stream. Divided into top and bottom chambers by solid plate. Material loaded through top cover. Water enters at left through hose barb, flows through both chambers in parallel flow, valve at right (handle is barely visible) selects ratio of treated (top) and untreated (bottom) water by rotating handle, exits at right through garden hose threaded pipe. What is its application?

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It seems similar to the way modern garden sprayers work for distributing fertilizer or insecticide.  Could that be it?

Garden sprayers give a fixed ratio of pre-mixed additive to garden hose water, but this thing is fully adjustable, but not calibrated, from 0 to 100% additive.

Can we see it from other angles, other side, underneath, inside the top etc...?

This belongs to a friend of a relative who supplied the photo.  I've examined it in person, however, but there isn't much else to tell. There is a residue of a cork gasket under the top cover, a faint green patina inside the top chamber, and a pattern of small drilled holes at the top chamber inlet and outlet that act as screens to retain large undissolved granules. There are no markings anywhere.

How come we only get to SEE one side?

Your analysis of how it works isn't visible in 1 picture.  I see that it opens up.  I see it clamps down,  What I see is that it doesn't heat up, so even though it looks like a PRESSURE  COOKER it probably isn't.  Maybe it's a 19th Century DIGESTER whatever that is. A "Digester" is similar to and pre-dates, a pressure cooker, but how it works I couldn't determine.

More pics are needed.  Also, unclamp it and open it up and take a pic or two of that function also.

And while you're at it, MOUSE OVER YOUR GENERIC BLUE AVATAR. follow instructions and post a picture of you!

You too Michael....


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