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My sister brought me this dress today and asked if I had any information on it. When I asked how she acquired it she said that our mother gave it to her and she has now had it for about 35 years. Our mother told her that it had been in the family for years but neither of us have a photo of her wearing it. So, obviously it is old considering the number of years alone that my sister has had it. Our question is, does anyone have and idea what era it may be and the kind of pattern it may be. Any information to help with our curiosity would be appreciated. 

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If that dress is an adult size then it's a mini-dress from the late 1960s-70s.  I don't know the difference between crocheting and knitting, or if it matters. I have no clue as to value.

Thank you for your reply but as I stated it is a child's dress. Possibly for age 4 to 6 years old.

You said that in the Heading (which I didn't read) but in the paragraph you said you'd never seen a picture of her (your mother or your sister) wearing it, so I assumed it was for an adult.

From the style, I'd say it's from the 1940's or early 1950's. It's very cute and appears to be well made. Might it have been for you or your sister to wear?

Thank you. I never saw the dress until yesterday and my sister didn't know of it's existence  until she was in her 20's so I am sure that it was not intended for either of us but, we sent photos to relatives and they said that it was possibly made for an aunt that my sister was named after and passed away at only six months old. That was in 1946. So the 40's-50's suggestion would make sense if that is the case. Sadly she never got to wear it. 

Aww, that is very sad. Well, I guess the mystery is solved though. It must have been her little dress. 

Maybe have a little girl in your family wear it for a photo or something. It's so cute and makes a nice memento/heirloom for your family. :) 

Whilst I cannot speak to the value of the dress, most likely being more a sentimental value item, but the stitch type are variations of the puff stitch linked together in a diamond pattern.

I googled    vintage child's crocheted dresses

and among the sites I found  (there are several)

and here is a pattern for one (not yours)


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