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Hi, I'm new and was wondering if anyone has any idea of whether or not what I have is worth anything (other than sentimental value)? I have this old Zenith console phonograph record player and radio handed down from my grandma. It is heavy and made of wood with two side speakers hidden by the wood slats. Sound quality is very good. You can play the small and the large records and there are different speeds on it. There is storage for records as well and an equalizer to amplify bass etc. The radio works fine. The record player plays but it doesn't automatically stop anymore (you have to lift it up at the end). I believe someone who knows about these things can easily fix this problem. The wood needs to be sanded and restained. It is dark walnut brown color. If anyone knows how much these things are worth, I would appreciate that information. Thank you so much!

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A year ago I would have told you it's worth nothing. Now, I'm not sure it's worth much but I do think there are a few people out there who would want it. In my opinion, the mid century items are becoming popular. The big problem is, you can't ship this item so you would be really limited in how much you could get for it. You might be able to sell it to a vintage clothing clothing store that would want to use it as a store display item.
think that would have been a late 1960's pc

value would depend on where you are at in the world,

if you have a large group of mid century people looking to decorate there home you never know!

Look for a radio collector club in your region. They are always looking for parts and, often, the great speakers that were in these old Zenith cabinets.
Also some parts of the country still have small "Mom & Pop" TV & Appliance stores. While they are fewer every day, the ones that still have a stock of old repair parts will likely know of people in your area who might be interested in your unit.
In my area big Consoles like yours are worth very little unless they are in perfect working order and the cabinet is in very good condition. I would estimate an auction value of about $30-$60 for one in perfect working order.
Hi, I had a console just like yours except mine was by Motorola. They were not stereo, but "Hi-Fi" or High Fidelity. Some were Mono, meaning 1 speaker. Usually the needle was double-sided, twist it gently, it should rotate. One side was for 33 rpm and other side was for 45 rpm. Some also played 78 rpm.

Most of the consoles for sale don't work, the result of a radio tube having burned out. You can replace them on the web but they are pricey. You might have better luck taking the old tubes out (You say it works so all your tubes would be in good order) and selling them on line. Also, needles are a good selling item too. Most of them just pop in/out of the swing arm.

Shipping it could be a problem, although most of them had legs that unscrewed. They could be removed and placed in the box in which you shipped it.

I am very interested in your record player...

Is it still available?

You can email me at aarongsander@ggmail.com


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