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Found these pewter belt buckles in my attic does anyone have any thaughts

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Hi Alex, Lucky you! That is quite a nice collection, and I think your display is worth $$ as well! Here's a completed listing from ebay. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=Vintage+Pewter+B...

I Now the Harley one's are probably going to be worth more, and you may have some rare ones as well, like the mermaids, and some of the Budweisers. So you probably should research before selling. Are there any maker markings on the backs of them?

Keep us posted.   

Thank you for the updated information never knew that these were still a thing all the belts are either all outer or solid brass all have markings and embl3ms on back stating the manufactures mainly all by the great american buckle company

WOW Alex, whomever owned these before you, really knew their stuff. I think you've inherited from a true collector! Check out prices for the "Great American Buckle Co."!! 



I'm still unsura as what to do with them maybe keep them take to eBay or find someone private there are 4 ful sides of these and some inside :0

Maybe write to American Pickers?  They love motorcycles, displays, Americana, advertising, beer stuff....

You can tell them you want to sell them separately and then Frank will try to "bundle"!  ;)

Looks to me like someone had the holder with buckles on a retail case in a mall, then got out of the business. These sell for $10 to 15 each on eBay, with only a couple like Harley for up to $40. Sold listings here https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&LH_Sold=...

Well, if you want to sell them, the best route, that would likely give you the best value for your trouble, is Ebay - selling them yourself. If you had someone else do this for you, the percentage they would have to charge you would really hurt ( at least 35%++ all the selling fees). Second route, is to look over the Best Ebay and Etsy sellers of the type of buckles you have. ( I'm strongly encouraging you to DO THE RESEARCH FIRST yourself) Then you will have an idea of value. Simply write each buckle down with a basic description, then do goggle searches on each one, and record your results. In this way you can establish proper selling prices for the items you have. Then your in a much better position to ask one of the best better sellers if they would like to purchase the whole LOT as a group directly from you, and you could throw in the display as a Big Incentive for them too - fully knowing what your items are worth first, is a must!

Still doing that research first!!! ( Can you tell how important this step is? LoL) You could advertise them for free, on Craigs list. This is fraught will other troubles, but you may find decent sellers and collectors there too! Or, once you establish which ones are rare/valuable, you could also try the Facebook marketplace group/page, posting a few at a time to see how you do. This is a new venue for folks, and I've heard different things on it, but it's easy, and free to do.

(off topic for a second - The buckle with a big spider and a girl, I'm pretty sure is from a 1950's/1960's cult monster film, may have many avenues of interest to collectors)

In any case, Please do keep us posted! Congrats on a wonderful find and good luck to you! 


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