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Good morning 

    I just picked up a real nice old metal truck toy. I believe the markings say John Wagner &Co. Furniture Delivery . I could not find a similar one on eBay.   Looking for more info and possible value with approx date 

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No pics of bottom?  Rear?  Front? No size given? No comments about the truck? Missing steering wheel?  Driver has a Fireman's hat--is it a fire truck? Or furniture delivery truck?

Pic of right rear wheel shows a smaller wheel above; could that be a drive wheel for a wind-up toy?

Add to prior list:  pic of top of truck.  Type of metal (use a magnet, if it sticks it's pressed steel; if it doesn't it's tin.)

I found similar pictures, same truck but outfitted as a fire truck. Said it was a Kingsbury, friction (not a wind-up).

tomsantiquesetcetera is right.  Try Kingsbury toy wind up. Hope this helps.


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