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Back in November I posted this Vincent van Gogh print i paid 25$. I sent it off to Van Gogh experts to be authenticated.  To my surprise it was authenticated as an original Vincent van Gogh fine art print.

So my fellow hunters and gatherers keep on hunting!

I need to stop gathering myself!

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Please explain. I thought Van Gogh did not have any works that were reproduced as prints in his lifetime. Is that incorrect?

What is a Van Gogh "fine art print"? Does that just mean an older reproduction of his work? Does that make it more valuable than a more recent reproduction? Did you get a value on it?

I will ask, good questions..

His response to all the questions' is

"Fine art prints are not reproductions they are original creations."

I just did an email inquiry with a bunch of photos'  and sent them to

As far as value..Market demand?



Good Job, Jay! 

Sweet Pickins.... as they say.

Where did you post this "back in November"?  It doesn't show in IAO search engine or in your Members page... Your pic is so small I can't tell what the scene is. 

Certified prints by famous artists range in value around $600 to $2,000.  Un-certified, $20-$60.

Thanks Toms for taking the time to look for the original post.  The pic was meant to be small as I didn't want to pollute the thread with another pic. I intended this icon of a pic only to reference.  Hopefully you can see original post now.  If I can pick your brain more.. Where do you find is the best place to sell old prints? Ebay/Craigslist/local art dealers?  thanks a head of time..

Jay, I've only sold 1 print, actually it was an original pencil illustration that I bought for $.25.  A fellow Member of IAO contacted me and bought it for $1,200.  I have a signed print called "The Plowman" the same era as yours. Another sale occurred 4-5 years ago for $1,325. It was an on-line art auction.  I paid $.50 for it but still own it. There were 2 others I bought that day. One oil of a ketch (later identified as belonging to NOAA) and a chromolithograph of the ill-fated Bennett Expedition leaving San Francisco Bay, dated 1879; both were a quarter apiece!  Not bad, 4 pics for $1.25.

By the way somebody told you your print was done using brown ink. "Sepia" is what brown ink is called.

I would think your print is worth $1,500 to $4,500 depending on unseen circumstances.


Wonderful! news thanks.. I swear this is what keeps me going. Great buys too.  I am going to sell this one. I have collected prints for many years and now it is time to part with them. Possibly a living estate sale. I hate to go the ebay route, but I suppose that's an option too. I appreciate all the comments too. I am going to start another discussion on a print that needs restoration and would like to hear what you think about that one..

Yep, there's lots of treasures out there.  Fun games.  This past summer I bought a silver plated (repros are bronzes) Sea Goddess sculpture for $1.00. She's worth around $1,000.  I bought a cast bronze Ashtray of the USS Midway for $80. Last sale on eBay was $385.  Bought a crystal ashtray for $.25; similar on line for $120.

That ashtray was made by Newport News Shipbuilding in 1943 and given to VIPs associated with her launch in 1945. NFS.

Ebay has a much broader marketing area than an estate sale.

Nice find!

Jay, you said your expert stated: "Fine art prints are not reproductions they are original creations."

But that isn't really an answer. Because by definition "prints" are not "original creations". And I'm not getting a good feeling about the "experts" on that website. A real expert would be proud to include his name and experience on his website, but I don't see anything there.

Since you paid for the appraisal, you are certainly in your rights to ask "if it is an original creation, then who created it?" because it seems impossible that it could have been created by Van Gogh. Without knowing that I don't know how you can begin to put a value on it. Which is why any real appraisal should absolutely include estimated values - value at private sale, at auction, at retail, and for insurance purposes.

If the website won't give you a straight answer, and you think it is worth anything like the figures Tom is throwing around, then you should send a picture to Sotheby's to see whether they would consider it for auction, and what they would estimate it at.

I'm not trying to be negative, and I hope this is a home-run for you, but my experience in this field leads me to believe otherwise.

Jeff you fielded some of the same questions I had.

As a matter of fact I did try to contact Sotherby's, but I fat fingered my password to many times and I need to call and get that straighten out. I will let you know what  they say, I was just too busy today to follow-up.

To your point of paying them, I did not.  This was all handled thru email  I sent them tons of pictures and after the initial contact they took about 3 weeks to get back to me. I was not trying to mislead anyone on a COA I may have gotten, this was all done thru email only.

I kept on waiting for the other shoe to drop and waited for them to ask me to send monies. I suspect if I pressed them any further they will refer me to their pay service. which might provide me with documentation or clear statements fact, or COA..

I do not think you are being negative in the least. I have sent an email to a local Art broker in Sacramento (hm town) and may go with witherells, they are local and they have had a good presence for years with the Roadshow people.

I look forward to anymore suggestions'/comments' and criticisms'



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