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Can someone help me give a better description on this, it's victorian, but I can't find a value or anything.  anyone know anything about this type of furniture?

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oOOH That is beautiful

Original Victorian Eastlake gold settee c1880s. Local Pick up Only parlor bench

Let us not confuse the issue....I believe this is what you are looking for.  Being offered for $299 on ebay.

No, that's mine, I was hoping for a better description so I could sell it more effectively.

Original Victorian Eastlake gold settee c1880s. Local Pick up Only parlor bench

Not sure what else to say....I hope this helps....but I am a little confused.

No that is my settee, I was hoping to get a better description from someone more knowledgeable about it than myself.

 Your love seat or settee was made around 1870 to 1880 and is an example of Victorian Eastlake style. It was probably part of a factory-made parlor set that included a settee and two matching chairs. They were often made of walnut, upholstered with velvet, had casters on the front legs, and seats that were constructed with springs. The incised carvings and reeded leg and arm supports are representative of the Eastlake period of design.

Settees like yours can be found selling in the range of $400 to $600.

Thanks so much!!!! I changed my listing up a bit to reflect what you said, this was what I was looking for just more info.

I do not know how you have described in on Ebay, but here you have described it as "velvet wood"; fabric, not wood, may be velvet.  Calling it "velvet wood"may lead some potential buyers to think that the seller knows little about furniture.


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