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Just picked up this Valley Star Heater .Double kerosene lamps with double wicks. There are pat dates of 1870,  1877 and 1890. It measures 22 tall 12 wide and 10 deep.pretty nice shape for its age. I have seen this  with a single burner also . No idea of value though..Tom

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  I love most anything that shows age and love your metal "stove."  I see the name "Valley Star Stove and Range Company and was at first wondering what this was used for; I see what appears to be a carrying handle on the top which told me that this wasn't designed for cooking.  I also have lots of metal lanterns which have wicks and which can be filled with lamp oil.  I couldn't understand the purpose of installing 2 of these kerosene lanterns in this metal housing.  If these lanterns were used mainly for lighting why put them into this heavy metal frame?  I noticed that you'd described this as a heater and then wondered why this company had installed 2 lanterns to heat the large metal housing.  I'm no expert at home heating appliances but perhaps this was an economical way for people with limited income to heat small rooms using the lamp oil lanterns that they already owned.  

  This is a photo of an antique Pennsylvania Railroad red globe caboose lantern which I once found in the rafters of the garage in a home where I'd been renting a room.  It's labeled "P.R.R.", "Armspear Mfg. Co. New York" and also marked "1925" which was likely the model number rather than the year it was made.

I came across one of these heaters on "Worthpoint" but am not going to pay $ to see what it sold for, as I dont think a single sale dictates the value of a particular item..Tom

  These are 3 Kerosene heaters which had been listed on eBay.  The first one was made by Valley Star (the same company as yours) and is a 3 burner heater which sold on eBay in April 2017 for a best offer less than the $275.00 listing price.  The second one described as made by Union Gardner Massachusetts was for sale around $85 and the third one (a Perfection 1700 model) was listed for $249.  I don't believe either of these other two were sold.

Thank you Mark, I had not seen that one before either. The other ones you posted are of a different style and are pretty common, and still available today..Tom

  This is the eBay listing with the description of this heater and at least 10 photos of this item; I've sold on eBay for at least 20 years but don't think you need to be a member to view this listing.  The seller described this as a "3 burner lamp heater."

Thanks again,  Tom


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