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I'm not familiar with this type of design. Very nicely painted with design of a bird of paradise I believe.After reading about the different kinds of description I was still lost as to finding out the info and was sure someone out here can help me. Thanks

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Hi Lorraine

There are numerous similar shaped Chinese urns which can be found on Google Images, but I haven't seen an exact match to yours so far. Example image of one such urn below. They also list these as vases, though I wouldn't call it a vase myself as it has a lid. This similar shape exists in varying sizes, I would think it to be too large for the traditional ginger pot,

Chinese Urns on Pinterest

Thank you Michael and the one you posted is sure cool as heck but after searching and looking as I have I realized whew , there are Sooo many out there. Thanks again

How about this then, to add more options to the menu...

I give you a Japanese Urn:

After looking closely at your photo in regards to the lighting and shadows on the design area, it may be possible the design is slightly raised to the touch in places, is this so?

If it is, it could be what's called Moriage.

Moriage is a special type of raised decoration used on some Japanese pottery. Sometimes pieces of clay were shaped by hand and applied to the item; sometimes the clay was squeezed from a tube in the way we apply cake frosting.

Moriage can range from a subtle appearence to rather pronounced, depending on the glazes in use and firing style being used.

Right is example of subtle moriage.

Below is example of pronounced moriage.

Hi there Michael , I hope your day finds you well... The yellowish one I posted actually isn't quite as bumpy as I have a vase like the bumpy one and like the other one I know nothing about. Silly me . But I have to say the pics. you sent are really cool looking . I have just begun posting and it will be a job to post it all as I have been a collector for too many years and I feel like I'm being closed in with Way Too much .Do they have video's on this sight? Or what I should say is can someone just video their items as a whole instead of piece by piece .I'm sending a pic. of the bumpy vase . Thanks for your input by the way as I certainly need All the info I can get. Thanks

Whilst it is possible to post videos, it is preferred on this website group to post individual items in individual separate posts, they way all replies pertaining to each item remains together.

If you posted a video containing even as few as 6 items for example, then each reply will have to announce each time which item they are reponding to, and fluid conversation exchanges on each subsequent post may get a little jumbled.

We do not mind a nice sharp focus, well lit, quality video of each singular item to show all side, top and bottom.  So long as when we pause the video at a point we wish to examine it more, the image remains in focus and well lit.

To be honest, I feel most people here have grown so used to operating with photos alone, they'd probably prefer them anyway.

Let's see what other have to say.


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