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Hi all, as mentioned in previous post, this is another Vase car boot find. 

As mentioned in my previous discussion, I’m not too sure who the maker or possible value, so any information would be very much appreciated. 

This vase has a mixture of colours highlighted with, red, yellow, dark & light green, gold colour on the outer line rim, there is birds & flowers around it.

 There is a marker on the base but not too sure who this is and have trailed the internet trying to find but no joy.  (see photo below).

This Vase is in perfect condition no cracks anywhere


Height = 10 3/4 “

Diameter = 6”

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Your marking is for Deruta, Italian Art Pottery. It appears to be Modern, ca. 1960 - to now. The technique used here is called "Sgraffito, (In Italian - it is to scratch) decoration is incised with a tool, then painted and fired, glazed and fired again. The shape is sometimes called "Fish Tail" or "Mermaid tail". 

Values on Italian pottery are not real high. But yours is a Deruta - and it's well done in bright colors, so you could check ebay or other completed auction sites to see where the value of your vase might be. It's very pretty! Nice Find. :)

Hi Vicki

thanks for the reply , oh my goodness i'm so glad I found this site where I can get help from members like yourself.

I'm very intrigued as how much everyone knows about this items as i was done searching lolls.

I have recently started to buy a few pieces just caused I like them or find them unusual.  Thank you so much for the information, I will check out ebay but not to sure if I want to sell any of them just yet maybe just enjoy them for a bit 

Vicki thank you so much again 

sure I will be chatting again at some point , learn from the experts :)

UGH, Sorry, Nikki....

For some reason, copying the pictures for you to the main page seems to make them turn sideways?

Welcome to the group.

Thanks Molly I seen that not to sure why as I didn't copy at least they are there :)

I know how to change them...

Then, by all means, turn them upright.  I am successful with it sometimes, but it requires saving the photo to my computer and editing it.  Then, sometimes, I go to put the edited photo up and it turns sideways again.  <-0->

They turn sideways on my screen too. Don't know why. OP pics are upright. To correct it I had to edit it.  I run MS Windows 7, I copy the pic to MS Paint, name it vase1, open vase1, rotate so it's upright, save as vase2.  Return here, use 2nd icon (image) browse, locate and open vase2,when done it comes up upright.  Not simple, takes about 5 minutes.

Tutorial for Nikki (you said you were learning): In the future try to post Images instead of links. To do so, when you "Reply" 5 icons appear at the top. Click the 2nd icon which is Image. Follow instructions. Browse,(your computer to find the pic)  Open, (wait),OK.  REPEAT FOR EACH PICTURE.


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