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  Another Old Toy for my collection- truly unusual. It is a model of not one- but two toy Looms -double stacked with Dolls incorporated. I know the dolls are circa 1900 made in Germany. They are both busy making cloth. The whole thing measures only 6 inches tall. Came with a glass dome. Truly odd-- Super Fragile, but no damage- none...

Anybody seen something similar? Thanks and God Bless,---Charlie

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Loom is not real old looking. I would guess a non-factory, home-made school (or other) project to show factory conditions, custom made wood loom with added dolls not designed for that purpose.

As far as I can tell the idea of two workers on top of each other is not historically accurate - this is the typical view I found:

 Hello Mr. Jeff,

   I agree that this is not a typical model of a functional loom that ever really existed- but is an over the top piece of Folk Art- very well done, complicated and thought out- and was made in miniature. It`s an interesting piece none the less. I do think it has some considerable age. While the dolls are most likely German (circa 1900) -the loom frame work looks to be made of Bamboo, with dozens of individual pieces hand carved to complete the project. 

It is an extremely Fragile piece that has somehow survived. Thanks for your post.

God Bless,---Charlie

Is there a dome that fits over the round wood base?  I just re-read it and you did say it came with a glass dome. That changes the picture. I'm guessing it's a modern day, made to look old, toy meant to deceive one's self. The bamboo says Philippines...just a guess.

Hello Mr. Tom,

   If I could delete your above post- I would. Now, go back and read my description- one more time. You`re not helping...---------Charlie

PS. The dome and base are not original to the piece- I knew that...

I always think it is best to give the individual poster the benefit of the doubt when describing a piece they they are able to see and touch themselves.  All our worldly knowledge combined does not make "anything"so. 

It sounds like Charlie has some good background knowledge to start with and just wanted to see if any of us had information to add that would help him find his toy's original "home".

Not everything is a reproduction...or else there would never be an original.

Get Him Molly...Thanks,----Charlie

If you knew the dome and base were not original to the piece you should have said so in your original post because I didn't know that nor did anybody else who tried to help you. Holding back vital information is a sign of laziness on your part. Dome or not, the use of bamboo still says Philippines and they make many, many reproduction toys. I'm not saying yours is a repro,  just that it could be. 

How do you know the dolls are ca 1900 German? More information that you withheld?

I think Molly's definition is backwards.  You need an original in order to make a reproduction of the original.

Come on, Tom...

You are not being very nice.  My definition is the same as yours.  You need to have an original to make a reproduction of the original....that is why not everything can be a reproduction...because then there would not be an original.   

That being said, you are a very intelligent man, with lots of knowledge to share...this is supposed to be fun.  Let's make others feel welcome first, educating them in the process.  I doubt anyone is trying to deceive us on purpose?  You know?

While I would never own or collet such items, I find them delightful!    It is the sort of souvenir we would make a task to locate as we travel in exotic places.   We have always limited ourselves to one wee thing, and a couple pie racks display 50 years of world travel, each with a specific memory.

Are you certain about bamboo?    Zeke

Hello Mr. Zeke,

  Yes, still going with Bamboo versus Pine or another wood.

Thanks for your post---Charlie

Charlie, I asked you about the dolls...maybe you didn't see it.


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