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  Another Old Toy for my collection- truly unusual. It is a model of not one- but two toy Looms -double stacked with Dolls incorporated. I know the dolls are circa 1900 made in Germany. They are both busy making cloth. The whole thing measures only 6 inches tall. Came with a glass dome. Truly odd-- Super Fragile, but no damage- none...

Anybody seen something similar? Thanks and God Bless,---Charlie

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Hello Mr. Tom,

   I have collected ( bought and sold) Toys of all kinds for many years, including dolls dating to the 1830s. These are of the oldest "Toys" that I have owned.

These small bisque dolls are of the type made in Germany at the beginning of the 20th Century or slightly before. I have owned many, many through the years. Dolls of this type were probably also made even to the Post Civil War Era, but were styled differently, many called "Frozen Charlottes". These are and were called "penny dolls"- very small in size. Most (1890s or later) are marked with country of origin on the body. The company name I`m thinking of eludes me at the moment- possibly "Limbert" and other manufacturers. What dates them to me most is the hair style and face decoration and body construction. The ones on this toy are wrapped in handmade costumes (almost European Regional) and are attached to the model itself. It makes no sense to me to remove and undress them -to prove a point. I do not believe this model is in any way modern or from the Philippines , or was made to deceive.

I do have faith that you will try to prove me wrong. You seem to be on that path. But, understand that I would not try to misrepresent any item that I own. It is all just neat old stuff to me...

If I am wrong-- it should be short work for you to find another example.

 And, I will apologize to the forum for wasting their time...

Goodnight and God Bless,---Charlie

Respectfully Mr. Tom--I`d like to finish this...

While doing some research tonight, I made a discovery. It even one upped my find !

Website : Eron Johnson Antiques --Item Ref. G0647

Titled: Rare Danish Folk Art Whimsey Bottle with Miniature Loom and Dolls

Description: This Antique Scandinavian hand blown glass flask bottle features a complex scene with two porcelain doll weavers working on a two- tier wooden loom scaffording. This is a charming interpretation of the ship in a bottle tradition and is often called a "whimsy" or "whimsy bottle" because it has no real purpose, other than to pass the time. This folk art tradition originated in Germany and Slavic Countries in the 18th Century and incorporated a wide variety of subjects.

Date: Late 19th Century --------Price:   $990

No hard feelings Mr. Tom--but I tried to tell you...----Charlie


Charlie, I'm not on any "path" to get you. I am only trying to help you. I didn't say yours is a reproduction, quote: " I'm not saying yours is a repro, just that it could be."

What you stated  in your last two replies should have been provided in your original post. Had it been we wouldn't be here and I wouldn't have to pry it out. Thank you for the updates. But didn't you say you added the glass bell and wooden base?  Yours didn't come in a bottle, whimsy or not. And I don't believe they grow bamboo in Denmark, do they?  Maybe it's not bamboo?

$990.? That's great.

This  fellow, Eron Johnson, doesn't seem to know where his whimsey is from either. The listing calls it Swedish, opening it says Danish, elsewhere he says Scandinavian, but adds it originated in Germany or Slavic countries. There are about a dozen or more Slavic countries which include Germany, Russia and the Czech republic. His is in a bottle.

Here is another example of a bottle whimsy with loom and dolls. I have to agree that it is largely a German tradition (and most likely German-made), but Eron Johnson's description isn't completely ridiculous. Scandinavian culture has Germanic influence so it could've easily ended up there. Definitely late 19th/early 20th century.

Indeed, another one !!! Well done !!!Thank You LB... God Bless,---Charlie

   Hello All,

  QUOTE: " I`m guessing it`s a modern day, made to look old, toy meant to deceive one`s self. the bamboo says Philippines- just a guess."

I " bumped" this thread back up to the top just for you Mr. Tom... Your early assessment of my item was reckless. When making a response, and trying to help with identifications--- if you don`t know, ---say nothing or say," I don`t know". Then (to make it worse) you attempted to blame me for your obvious lack of knowledge on the subject. You actually added nothing to the conversation except mischief. So many others make the same mistake by not answering the questions put to them by the original person that posted the item and heading straight into a "critique" by using one`s said knowledge, (or lack there of) instead. I have reviewed some of your posts on other items- and lots of times You are spot on. But other times when you are not familiar with the subject- you should have moved on to another item. Either research the item, or let it go. Other members here could say," Tom`s pretty sharp--- he`s probably right." And the answer to my question would be lost. I found the answer myself, luckily...

   As to the bamboo assessment by me... Bamboo grows on most every Continent - Asia, South America, etc.--- I have some growing in my back yard, and it most definitely survives in parts of Europe. It was transplanted there, (and then you can`t get rid of it.) It has been used for model making for hundreds of years. This stringy fiberous material is easily carved. It is stronger than many woods especially in smaller detailed carvings. These materials were also brought back by sailors of this era, and other projects were made on board ships - to pass the time... 

 You could say, "Who is this guy, that thinks he can talk to me this way?"

 I`m the guy that asked the original question...and you earned this...--- God Bless,---Charlie


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