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Unusual 1970's Era Silver Metal Bolo Tie Decorated with Butterflies, Fern Leaves and More

  I used to greatly enjoy browsing thru many local thrift stores in Northern Virginia and then realized that I'd reached a saturation point.  I do sometimes stop by my local Salvation Army and Goodwill stores but I don't buy anything unless I either must own it or I can sell it for a nice profit.

  I found this unusual mishmash Bolo tie and likely would never wear it except maybe on a Halloween night.  It's well made and has a collection of butterflies, Fern leaves and several inexpensive paste jewelry shiny glass stones.  The actual coloration is a Silver color and the photos don't show its' true coloration.  'm well aware that this has little value perhaps $20 maximum but somehow it appeals to me simply as "kitsch."  It's unmarked so I'd guess that the individual or company which made this did not want to engrave their name on it.

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Oh my!

I know we say "to each his own" re: what someone deems attractive and then there's 'beauty's in the eye of the beholder'. So establishing that - this piece speaks to my spirit and I find it utterly delightful!

Butterflies are sometimes interpreted as signs or messages from heaven and after a loved one dies, when we see a butterfly when thinking of a loved one, it is thought to be a reminder that our loved one is still there for us, watching over us. I will share something with you all. Granted we have not been formally introduced but I have said some greetings on other posting since I began actively posting to Dianne's board. I started participating especially due to an email sent out to all members appealing for greater participation and activity. I didn't want to see this board disappear, as it is an incredibly wonderful resource for information sharing about 'old' things. That said, I am trying to climb out of soul smothering grief over the tragic death of my only child. I distract myself from the chilling reality by working on jewelry, stained glass, painting and losing myself on the computer, as well as at work where I pretend to be 'normal' for 8 hrs. That said, I believe this item had various lives. That nasty bollo attachment was added, likely in the 70's when those hideous things were in. ;-) I have a similar piece bought from a PA antique mall. The description noted my piece as an item of Victorian home art and said ladies would put together items creating a melange of individual charms, an odd earring, pin, charm, bits of filigree etc. paired with a flattened piece of cutlery as a backer to build upon. My piece started with a flattened silver-plated spoon. After which all the other pieces were incorporated onto the spoon bowl. You will notice a bow at the top, which I added as a means to pin to the front of a black frock coat worn on special dress-up occasions. I bought it 6 yrs or so ago. I see a similar theme of nature in mine. Ladybugs are also viewed as signs from Heaven. A couple months after my son died I was out on the porch gazing out into nature and thinking (probably crying) over Nicholas' death. I noticed a ladybug on the handle of my mug, then I saw there were 5 or so of them milling about the little mosaic side table i had out there,  one was on my knee. I got up thinking what in the world is going on and there on my storm door and the white brick surround were too many lady-bugs to count: 50, 100? In my entire life I could never see as many ladybugs as seen that moment. I took it as a hello from heaven. I have had experiences with butterflies which I adore. I have a collection of butterfly pins and pendents. I won't take up space with the rare swallow-tail butterfly that so excitedly greeted my in the garden one day, soon after Nicky's death, as I know I have greatly exceeded the parameters of this board's intent. Mark, I don't believe your piece is monetarily valuable but it may have once held priceless sentimental value to a lady who may have created it for her departed loved one.

I am going to try to upload photos directly from my camera. I will first post this comment lest I fumble the photo transfer.

I will add this caveat, the pin melange you and I have may have been put together much later, as I found it hard to believe some of the red rhinestone items on my pin were as old as even the early 1900's Edwardian era; the filigree yes, spoon possibly but other parts looked more current. Your piece is quite elaborate and all parts appear to be charms, and filigree  of the same era. The larger, flatter fluted & pressed parts left and right, are not a spoon but may be ready-made pieces. There is a plethora of new 'vintage' style filigree items sold online now, as there has been an explosion of creativity w/ the resurgence of crafting, so there is always the possibility of these items being made new w/ a combo of old and new vintage parts.



Thank you for the very informative comment; as mentioned I found this in one of the thrift shops and consignment stores which I used to haunt almost every weekend. I may have bought this butterfly pin in a local consignment shop where the owner always had a large selection of pre-owned jewelry. This was notably different to me and something told me that I needed to take it home with me. I don't collect a lot of jewelry but have found many Sterling Silver items in thrift stores being sold for pennies on the dollar. I do love butterflies and these are what likely brought this pin to my attention. I have this hanging next to my bedroom door and hadn't looked at it for years but decided to post photos of it here hoping that someone else might see what I see in it. I'd usually researched most of my "finds" but since this wasn't signed or marked I gave up and accepted it for what it was. 

  I likely posted these photos here before showing a group of the many animal and decorative pins which I found at the thrift and consignment shops I used to visit.  I sometimes found items worth hundred of dollars being sold for $5 or less.  I admired the skill shown in the design of these beautiful pins.

that is quite a collection of critters.

it is really interesting that i have now seen another of that type of jewelry.

in all all my years of hunting I have never seen another until yours.

apologies for the length and content of my other email.

  No problem about the length of your comment; what I've learned from being a collector is that one item of seemingly no value can mean the world to someone else.   I learned this from spending over 30 years browsing my local thrift store, consignment and antique shops and it was amazing what I often found.  I found beaucoup Sterling Silver being sold for only pennies on the dollar and a few items worth over $1,000 sold for less than $10.  I'd built up a huge collection of Orrefors Swedish glass, American vintage pocket knives, various types of wood collectibles and a few art works.  I'll be 72 this year and have decided to begin selling some of my collectibles because I can't take them with me.  

Does that mean that you have found a way to take the money with you that you will get from selling things? :-)

My relatives won't understand or really appreciate my huge collections and will likely either begin selling them or giving them away as it takes a special kind of person to appreciate the art and skill necessary to create and manufacture most of my 'finds."  I found that I'd place most of my finds either in cardboard boxes or in other storage spots and sometimes never look at them again.  It was nice knowing that I found things of value priced very inexpensively and when I recently began looking thru my collections realized that I didn't even remember purchasing many of my collectibles.


Pamela, I enjoyed reading your reply...it went by too quickly. Write more. Dianne doesn't care. I'm sorry about your loss; I know the feeling too.

Thank you.

I appreciate your little note.

short & sweet & packaged with care.



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