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I bought this gorgeous piece at an auction several years ago and I am now interested in selling it.  I believe it to be an adverstising piece that would be displayed in a travel agents office.  It does need some restoration to be fully glorious again, but it can be displayed as is.  It measures 23" in diameter (not including spinnakers) and features a beautiful color print of the SS United States behind glass.  I am looking for more information on this piece and, if possible, a valuation.  I know what I paid for it - but that was many years ago and it was a really, really incredible deal. Thanks!

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Spindles I assume you mean.  Spinnakers are those large billowing sails on the front of a sailboat. Google search shows a lot of current day news for this ship as it is currently beached and headed for the scrapyard. They want it moved to NYC and used for other purposes. Whereas it's currently in the news, selling it is great timing and it should sell easily.

It may have been a souvenir wall hanging, a bit large, but no more than some paintings.  Or, as you suggest, for advertising purposes in the HQ or a travel agency.   The real ship's wheel was probably 5-6 feet in diameter!

I would gently wipe off any dust or dirt but would not try to restore it. Let the new owner do that. No idea on value.

Thanks, I appreciate all your info! I did get my "s" words confused.  

SS United States Conservancy:


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