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I was out wandering today, and found this unusual ashtray in a 2nd hand store; paid $2.  It's approximately 6"W and about 5/8"H. It features an Indian riding a paint pony, while hunting a buffalo. It has a  signature in the lower "corner" that looks like Robert Redbird, Kiowa. On the under side of the ashtray is another signature "Boyiddle". The ashtray is in fair condition; the glaze is crazed and I did find some damage to the edges of where a cigarette would rest, and it appears that a portion of the pony's coat has been rubbed out (the white spots on the buffalo appear to be a manufacturing flaw). Any assistance determining age and value would be greatly appreciated. I tried a Google search, but nothing I found resembles this piece. Thanks in advance!

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Mar 5, 2016 - Robert Redbird, iconic Native American artist, dies. Native American artist Robert Redbird, an Oklahoma-born member of the Kiowa tribe, became well-known for his depictions of Kiowa life and spirituality.

Vintage Native Ashtray/Dish reserved for Harv - Etsy

A unique Toehay ceramic ashtray/dish with graphic art by Robert Redbird. Perfect for display! Redbird, an Oklahoman, was part of the Kiowa tribe and his ...
I found this article and saw a small picture of your ashtray...but, because the item had been sold, one could not read further about the item.

Thanks Alice! .


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