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I can't find the pic of the front, sorry ... but this is a small 7 inch doll maybe, with a baby kewpie type face, and appears to be stitched together leather, or vinyl or plastic. It's got blue pants and cape, white hood and shirt. I can't find any markings on it except possibly the back :( ... anyone recognize it ? Or even the style ? Thanks ... I'm on my phone so there maybe typos, sorry :/

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Oh and I'm trying to figure out how to add pics using my phone ... argh ...
Well just ignore it I guess, I can't upload an image from my phone ... I don't use an image hosting site either, so blahhhh ...

I am wondering if you have an oil cloth doll. They were sewn in the depression 

Maybe ... I'm on a computer now, so here are the two pics I have (again, no face pic, sorry :( ) ...


I don't know, mine looks clean compared to what I'm seeing online for "oil cloth" ...

By writing that it looks "clean", do you mean that it is not dirty?  If so, that is a  matter of how well it was kept clean, not  a matter of what the material is.  Oil cloth can be kept clean; I remember when patterned oil cloth was used to cover the kitchen table.  We most certainly scrubbed it after meals.  It lasted a long time and sometimes we would scrub those patterns right off the cloth.

Yes it looks clean in that it's not dirty, but it also doesn't seem to show much signs of age compared to other examples of oil cloth. But it's okay ... thanks for everyone's help :)

Find a doll hospital they can be of great service

From your pics, this looks to be homemade.  Across the years thread has changed.  I am not a thread expert, but someone who is might be able to look at the type of thread used to guestimate age.

many oil cloth dolls were handmade . I am sure it has had to be resewn maybe a  few time if its been used . Doll hospital would be a place to start 

Hey thanks again to everyone for their help !


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