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  This is a large turquoise necklace with Sterling silver portions, measures over 27" long.  The separate chunks of turquoise are separated by round turquoise barrels.  The ends of the necklace have 7 round Sterling beads and a cone shaped attachment which is stamped "Sterling" and carries an engraved Butterfly.  The Butterfly mark is engraved around the cone and is difficult to photograph; attached is a hand drawn rendering of the Butterfly mark.  

  I searched the Internet for any Sterling jewelry with this same Butterfly mark but the search yields mainly photos of Butterfly brooches and have not found any jewelry with this specific mark.

  The design of the Butterfly leads me to believe that this is an older piece.  Perhaps someone will recognize the type and origin of the Turquoise.  I purchased this in either a consignment or thrift store, don't remember the price but likely under $20.


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hi i know american indians loved turquoise and silver - found a similar one on ebay

Vintage HUGE Chunky Turquoise Nugget Native American Sterling Silver Necklace


you can try above for makers marks - there are several sites that may help as well just serch indian native american makers marks on jewelry and you will find a few - hope that helps

I agree with Kathy.....looks Native American..........

Try Taxco and Mexican Silver jewelry markings - It's done in the Native American style, but is probably old Mexico sterling - most of their makers had their own marks - should be able to identify it this way.

Good Luck  - It's pretty!

I looked for your mark on this site, saw a couple that were similar, maybe you will have better luck.


this is a great site to find silver marks



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