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I recently came across this very nice piece of porcelain at an estate sale. It depicts what looks to be a pair of twin girls dressed in ballerina garb and playing on a sofa/love seat.

This is in what I would call near perfect condition.
There are no Cracks,crazing,chips or fleabites. All the usual extremities that are prone to getting broken off are intact.
Whats more is the fact is that it was sitting on a table filled with a lot of porcelain figurines that were all marked at pretty high prices ,But this one was marked $1.00 ,SO I snatched it up.
It measures about 7 inches in length  X  4 1/2 inches tall
I'm  having a problem trying to identify the maker though.
There is only one very tiny mark on the bottom that resembles a cresent moon ,Maybe..not sure
Any how , I would like to know if anyone out there has ever seen one of these before.  Thanks to all who respond,

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This is probably 1930's or 40's German Porcelain - some call it Dresden, as they have the "lace" dresses. They don't sell for very much, but some folks still collect them.


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