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Mill is about 5 inches in diameter at the top and looks and works like a regular food mill except the blade part that normally would press the food through the holes at the bottom don't go all the way to the bottom.   There is about a half inch gap that is not adjustable.  The underside is a grater which is very sharp and super sturdy.  I am wondering if it is used to grate something and then press the juice out, but unless the object being grated is really huge it would not be easy to use.  I can't imagine what though.

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that's a potato masher 

I tried to mash potatoes with it and there's "no way", "no how" it will mash potatoes.  Whatever this was made to process has to be small enough and loose enough to flow naturally(not forced) through the approximately half inch slot to get pressed underneath.  tried to grate potatoes cooked and uncooked and that was a bust also.  The thing says "made in Japan" on it, could it be something the Japanese use?  This is a picture looking into the bowl.

I've seen different sizes of this kitchen tool.

Used for mashing very soft cooked potatoes, tomatoes, boiled eggs, smaller versions used for garlic.

Pretty much, it can be used for anything soft enough and small enough to be caught in the rotating part to then be smushed through the holes.

There are variations of this tool which allows you to switch out the bottom section with different sized holes, and even different shaped openings which changes the results of the smushed food stuffs being put through it.

Food Mill. Made in Japan. Scroll down to #10.


BTW, smush, smushed, smushing have sexual meanings in the USA whereas in Australia it means mashed or squished...

Hi Tom

I never knew that about smush, please do enlighten me as to their meaning.  If too inappropriate for this forum, just send me a message.

Google it.

Naturally, I tried, yet wasn't shown anything more specific than your description.

No matter, I shall be sure to word things differently in this group in future.

Quote Urban dictionary:  "smushsex

The act of pressing a flaccid penis against a woman's groin area in a vain attempt at sexual intercourse. Typically occurs as a result of intoxication."

lol, ok so not the right terminology for what I had in mind with Derba's item.


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