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I have a lot of items or trinkets that I don't remember how I ended up with but my drawers are full of it...

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  I purchased many items from local thrift stores, antique shops and sometimes consignment shops.  I rarely saved the receipts but usually would spend a few minutes attempting to identify any of them which weren't labeled with a maker's name or that I didn't recognize.  I rarely look at all of my finds and now sometimes open a box and find something that I don't remember purchasing.  I stopped selling on eBay about 3-4 years ago after my sales began slowing down and several months ago began selling again and now find that I sell maybe 1-2 items a month.  

One Item per Post.  You can have as many Posts as you need.  Doing so keeps your post, pics and replies together. Get a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe and provide names, marks, karats, dimensions, etc.

These Instructions are found at the beginning of this Group. READ AND HEED THEM.

3. Please provide as much information as you can about the item you are needing help with.

4. Provide photos of the object you are asking about.

5.  Include a description of the item you are asking about (size, color, markings, condition, date).

 6. Narrative Information (The Story that goes with the Finding the Object)
If you if think it would help and you would like to share, briefly tell us where you acquired the object...i.e. "passed down from my mother's mother who is now 94 ", "found it when I was in Holland 30 years ago", "washed up on the beach last summer".

Sorry Tom , I hadn't even thought of that when posting as I looked at them as a whole group. Oops

I know you're new, am not mad just trying to help. I think all members have hundreds of relics like yours.  I know I do. 7 Fuller Brush letter openers, 30 Cracker Jack toys, 47 Wade-England animals...


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