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Mark on the back is the number 2090  IMG_7187.JPG

Majolica uses molds but they decorate with heavy glazes too.  Your plate appears to have been painted. Without a back stamp or incised mark identifying your maker is improbable. I did find a company, Fritz & Floyd who makes similar plates but I couldn't find a match.  They have thousands of items. They use the same triangular metal handle on some items and the curly-q borders look a lot alike too... F&F have Marks on them.

#2090 has no known meaning.

Brand is Lefton.

2090 is the model number.

Lefton would affix a paper label to the bottom of these.


I realise you no longer seem to have a label on yours, below is the label as on the model on the eBay link above and at the bottom of my post is a link to a website which tells you how to identify the date system for the Lefton labels.


Good find Michael.

Della robia or della robbia pattern depending on how you want to spell it

If he doesn't have a label on his tidbit tray how can he determine age by checking the labels as suggested???

Also since both have the same 2090 Serial number it seems logical to suspect that his tidbit is missing another tier.

Nice find.

Providing the dating methods is more about simply having all the information about a product and learning how to do it for next time should a item come along with the label affixed.

Not really sure what the number is meant to represent at this stage, because I have since found another Lefton item with the same number, yet is a totally different design and item.

China Bell as sold on Etsy

If it was a pattern number, then the same number would appear on various different items, like cups and saucers, plate, trays etc...

If it was a product number, then the same design would be shared across various differnt items, but each item would have a different number.

However, because I've found an item which is a different item and a different design, I'm a little lost as to the purpose of the number.

Perhaps since Lefton was an importer of Japanese products, the number could simply be an import batch identification number???

Hi TGo - This is not technically "Majolica" it is art pottery in the style of Antique Majolica. 

Your item looks to be from the 1970's. Majolica and Maiolica have roots in ancient societies. But for the most part, one when speaks of "Majolica" we are referring to the Brightly colored, poly-chromed wares done in fun and unusual shapes and produced during the early Victorian era, up until ca. 1910 ish, In England, France and Germany. 


Thank you ALL for sharing your knowledge on this topic, in addition to providing links to sites where I have found even more information. 

To: Michael and Tom who commented on the 2090 number mark,

I also have a chip and dip set with this design that I found a year earlier and the tidbit server I only stumbled across in Jan. in another state... so I definitely had to buy it. The marking on it is 5230 which I guess could mean its a chip and dip plate and not a tidbit. I've attached a pic of it below.

Well, I'm not certain really what the numbers represent, as I said I found a bell online with the same number as the single tiered platter, and it clearly does not share either the pattern or the product type, as it is a bell vs a single tiered platter.


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