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'The Surf Ballroom Winter Dance Party February 2nd 1959' ‘PROGRAM’

I understand that some posters were quickly and cheaply printed for the event and are very rare to find, they were also reprinted decades later (Some in different colours) to commemorate the event.

My enquiry is not about the posters, my enquiry is as to whether or not a small amount of hand-held PROGRAMS were also printed at the same time the original posters were printed back in 1959.

Reason I ask is because I have just found two programs amongst approx 200 which I bid on at auction a couple of days ago in Southampton here in the UK.

Almost all the programs refer to a theatre called The Gaumont, Southampton, UK and are dated around the 1950’s, some are signed/autographed to a gentleman called Ken Shave who might have worked within the industry due to being wished “Good Luck” by some of the artists who played there.

In addition, I have found another program amongst the lot, which highlights a forthcoming visit to the Gaumont Theatre by Buddy Holly and the Crickets on Monday 3rd March (No year showing on the program, but could have been the same year 1959)

I will be researching this but could do with any input anyone could offer.

I am fully aware that the two programs might easily be later reprints; naturally, it would be fantastic if they were original. Normally I would have wondered if they were authentic myself, but because they were found in amongst a lot of other original programs of the 1950’s, at an auction in Southampton where the Gaumont Theatre exists, and where there’s another program which highlights a visit by Buddy Holly to the Gaumont Theatre the following month, had he lived?.

All this provides a level of possibility.

The programs are made of a thick (Card like) paper which I understand the original posters were made of, so was wondering if a few programs had been printed off at the same time.

Some information on the Internet is contradictory which makes it hard to find the facts, so if anyone knows anyone else who has first hand knowledge I would be so immensely grateful for contact info.

Thanks for any constructive input you may be able to offer.

2 photos, 3 on this post and 2 to follow immediately on the following post.

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Here are the two remaining photos...


Monday 3rd March (No year showing on the program, but could have been the same year 1959) was in fact 1958, a year earlier so not a canceled venue.

Did you answer your own question?  Google, March 1959 calendar, and it is displayed; likewise other years.  As you said, Monday, March 3 was in 1958 a year before.

The 3rd in '59 was a Tuesday, and in '57, a Sunday.

Such a sad tragedy.

I wonder if the BBC has a morgue where info like that can be determined.  Also, "Rolling Stone" magazine.  Both carried lengthy stories, including follow-ups.


Thanks again for your reply.

Sadly I have not answered my own question, all I have done is remove the Gaumont Theatre programme from my enquiry.

I am still looking for anyone here who may be able to offer information on the authenticity of the "The Surf Ballroom Winter Dance Party February 2nd 1959' ‘PROGRAM’ (Fist three images).



Bad news, your poster was made "decades later", a reproduction. The original posters had pix of the entertainers, show times, costs, name of MC and record spinner.

If you Google, the Surf Ballroom posters, and click "Images" when it opens, you will see the original posters and there is one (1) just like yours.  Opening it, you find more info as briefly stated above.


Yes I have already seen that entry on Google, but it's talking about a Poster not a Programme.

Also, when you read the article the information is a little confusing.

It would be stupid on my part to accept one Google entry as definitive proof, I need more clarity which is why I am enquiring on websites like this.

I accept that my programmes may be later reprints, but if that's correct there must be many more around and many more websites that can confirm this.

The information on the website you mentioned had comments from the MC who attended the venue that night. His comments are those of recollection, I don't suppose he had anything to do with the printed advertising for that nights show, why would he, he was the MC.

If anyone here on this website can direct me to where these programmes were reprinted, or to someone who was fully involved with the printing of the original programmes, thats all I need.

Thanks again much appriciated,

ooooh I forgot to mention, my programmes did have pics of the entertainers etc, it's the first 3 images that show this.

Pretty clearly a reproduction, probably for some impersonators recreating the concert decades later. The pics are of the impersonators, not the real guys.

Hi Jeff,

I've spotted what look like CD sleeves and posters in the same colours and style, so almost definitely reprints.

And looking at the photos again, you are spot-on as Ritchie Valens looks nothing like err Ritchie Valens lol

Thank you guys for your input, I was hoping that I was sitting on a goldmine :(


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