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I found this little dessert plate...maybe even a saucer-sized plate...at a sale and thought it was kind of neat.  You can see it is a Sevres plate, and it appears to be some kind of souvenir from the good ole Mouse Loop (?)...

My query is that I can only find one similar plate and it was sold as a group of 5 for $120.  It did not have flowers on it, just the picture of the president on his horse with the words underneath.  Does anyone have any ideas on where I might be able to find this plate?  Its origin, or age?


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Sorry, the good ole Famous Mouse RIVER Loop

I forgot to mention that the group of 5 plates I mentioned were all Teddy Roosevelt related, with only one being similar to the one above.

Your green Sevres mark was used by 3 different Ohio companies. Sevres China Co., East Liverpool, OH; 1900-1908 (burned down).

Homer Laughlin Co., same town. No date.

Royal China Co., Sebring, OH.  No details.

The Sevres mark of France is totally different.

Reference source:  https://www.figurines-sculpture.com/mark-of-the-sevres-china-co.html

So, then I suppose I can deduce that it was made about a century ago in a factory in Ohio and sold the "Souvenir Shop" in Mohall, N.D....Thank you, Tom.

Then I discovered this piece of information:

Theodore Roosevelt National Park lies in western North Dakota, where the Great Plains meet the rugged Badlands. A habitat for bison, elk and prairie dogs, the sprawling park has 3 sections linked by the Little Missouri River. The park is known for the South Unit’s colorful Painted Canyon and the Maltese Cross Cabin, where President Roosevelt once lived. The Scenic Loop Drive winds past several overlooks and trails.

Which provides the answer to "Why Teddy Roosevelt on a horse in North Dakota?"

So, the final thought is, Why can't I find any others like it? To which I guess I can reply, It says the park was established in 1978 which means the plate was from before the park's inception.  Maybe there is still a story there somewhere?

TR was an avid horseman, served in US Cavalry during Spanish-American war. When President he took daily rides for exercise.

Not sure what a "favorite horse" was. Most pics show him with a brown horse with a large white diamond-shaped blaze on its' forehead.  Your pic shows a tiny white spot.

TR in your pic is wearing a business man's hat. I scoured pics of him wearing hats and some similar were on pics towards the end of his career,  1908-1910.

I couldn't find a pic of TR astride a horse coming towards the viewer, except for an old cavalry pic with other officers in it but the clothes and hat were wrong.

The pic shows a Chest Strap on the horse. That prevents the horse from rearing which will throw many unsuspecting equestrians and in his late 50s would be appropriate tack for TR. He died at age 60.


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