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I found this beautiful teapot at a tag sale in New York. It was bright and caught my attention an I couldn't leave without getting it.


It is a teapot with the letters "T T" stamped on the bottom surrounded by "Hand Painted Made in Japan." I did some research and found out that the symbol and letter means it was made by Takito Company. I also found out that it may have been made before 1945 because it doesn't say "Made in Occupied Japan." It seems to be a dragonware teapot due to the dragon that isn't painted on but seems to be popping out of the teapot. There seems to be real gold around the figures and covering the dragons head. The paint itself seems to be popping out as well, I think that may be called "moriage" style.


I am having a lot of trouble finding another teapot like this. I learned that it seems to be made in the "Satsuma" style.  It does look very similar to the Satsuma items I have found online but my item is not made by Satsuma (different stamp on bottom.) I also purchased a little tiny vase (seems like a vase) that is in a similar style and seems to be done by the same person but it only says Made in Japan under it.


Does anybody have any idea/information about this teapot? I am very interested in learning more about the background and value! I wish I can show more photos, it is a beautiful teapot.

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I thought I would add the photo of the bottom of the teapot as well.

www.Gotheborg.com shows a similar shaped teapot, picture at #444. Satsuma. Mark: Shimazu family crest; Possible reading Futaji. Before 1920. Same dragon, different scenes,porcelain.


849. Mark: "T T" in two rectangles. Date: probably late 20s to early 1930s when this type of ware was mostly in vougue. (sic) vogue.


When it opens, click Matsuma (left menu), scroll down 3 frames.

Hi! Your teapot is very lovely.  Yes, made by the Takito Co. some time in the 1920's - 1940's.  Not true Satsuma, yours is white porcelain decorated in the Satsuma style.  Almost all Japanese porcelain of that era that had gilding (gold decoration) was done in 24k gold.  I would not consider this a dragonware vase but others might disagree, though someone who collects dragonware might be interested due to the dragon handle. 

Yours is based on genuine Satsuma forms, here is an example of a Satsuma teapot that yours was modeled after:

Satsuma Teapot

As you might expect, the true Satsuma examples command a higher price. 

I hope this helps!  Japanese porcelain and earthenware can get very confusing.


In the link provided by Caroline I note that the Seller states it is of the Meiji era. The Meiji era ended in 1912. Caroline and I agree it was made in the 1920s-newer.

Thank you so much for the information! I was very confused as I knew it has to be Takito, but I found it strange that the design/style seemed to be similar to another company's work! What added to my confusion was the fact that I couldn't find any other Satsuma style teapots done specifically by Takito.

Does anybody know if a lot were made and if that can impact the value? I know Caroline said that "the true Satsuma examples command a higher price" but if this style is "borrowed" and not really an original of Takito's, would it deem the teapot completely worthless?

I am adding a photo of the little vase that I also found. It seems to be done by the same person but no "T T" stamp. It just says "Made in Japan" in an orange stamp.

The characters and colors do match.  I'd guess they were made by same artist. Is there a signature in dark blue on the light blue part?  Looks like "O-6" or "9-O".

I also see some dings, chips, one on the rim and several on the base.  These devalue the vase.

I can't answer your question about values. I'd guess about one-half value, around $150-200. for teapot; toss in the vase for free.

GK -

Would you please edit your title to reflect what you are asking about.

Can anybody tell me more about this? doesn't make it easy for people in the future to find this to answer you. This listing will be here a long time and you may get folks 6 months from now that would want to comment IF they can find it.

I changed it, thank you for the advice!


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