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Teak Wood Mid-Century Modern Retro Candle Holder with Label Made in Sweden

I purchased this exquisite MId Century Modern teak wood candle holder on eBay years ago and never spent the time to research its' origin.  As you can see this holds 7 thick candles and appears totally unused and in as-new condition.  It measures approximately 7 1/2" high and 18" across the two lower candle holder sections.  The label on the base shows a Viking ship on the waves along with "S.S." on the sails and "Design Sweden" underneath.  I couldn't find any specific information about this label and wondered whether anyone here might be familiar with the icon shown on it.  As you might know teak has been classified as an endangered species and can no longer be imported into the USA.

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Beautiful Vintage 1950s Mid Century Danish Teak Candelabra Candleholder

The only difference I can see is that the one in your photo has metal inserts in each of the candle holder slots whereas mine does not have these inserts.  Very strange; I don't know if you own this candle holder or whether you found the photo on the Internet.  I was curious whether this one in the photo also has a paper label on the base showing the name of the maker?

I cannot locate that darn paper label yet, but I think yours could have potentially had the inserts at one time, judging by the rough edges/sides of the holes.  The company may very well be Danish in origin, but be called S.S. Design Sweden?  Not sure yet.

I purchased this and it was mailed to me without the brass inserts; perhaps this was an earlier model before the company added the brass inserts.  I can't think of any reason that an individual owner would have removed all of the inserts if they were original to their piece.  I found the same candle holder (with the brass inserts) currently for sale on Etsy.  I had listed mine on eBay at a much higher price and just now deleted my listing.  I hadn't found the Etsy listing a few days ago when I was searching for information on these teak candle holders.


Black Wood 7 Candle holder. 1960's Vintage 

This is a Menorah, Jewish symbol of the seven tribes of Israel.

If you have provenance of its age it could be MCM, if not it could have been made last week...I realize you've owned it many years but it looks brand new to me and they are still being made and sold world wide. Value is around $25. USD. Looks like it's been stained red; inside of candle holders are white wood, maybe pine.

I happen to be Jewish and didn't at first consciously recognize this as a Menorah; I've owned it for at least 7 years.  The photo above with the red background was posted by another person whom I contacted; her candle holder did not come with a paper label and she assumed it had come from Denmark.  Having purchased hundreds of antiques from various thrift stores I've learned not to trust values assigned by "experts" who have not real love of the specific antique.  An antique will sell for the most to someone who appreciates its' art and not necessarily someone else who is looking for "a big score."  I've bought some items from thrift stores that I later sold for 100 times what I'd paid.   I still have most of the items I'd bought over the years and sell only a few on eBay;  I used to sell quite a bit on eBay years ago but my sales went down so I basically stopped selling.  What I liked about this candle holder was its' simple straightforward design and the attached label showing "Sweden Design."  I had mine listed on eBay but after finding this photo of the exact same one showing brass candle inserts I ended my listing.  I'd been asking $250 or best offer for mine but if someone removed the 7 brass inserts it's obviously not a benefit. 

Thank you for looking at my post; it took me quite a while to find the photo of the same candleholder (shown above) with brass candle inserts so I'm almost positive that this specific candle holder is no longer being made.  My best guess is that this likely was made in the 1970's but that's just a surmise.  I tried searching for "Design Sweden" and "teak candleholder" but found no current websites offering this item for sale.  The only issue with this being considered a Jewish Menorah is that most all of the Menorahs I own have either a Jewish star on them or a Hebrew word on the front.  I just now searched Google images for "Jewish wood Menorah" and there are no similar images shown on that site.  At some point I'll find out what company was represented by this Viking Ship with "SS" on the sails and might have used the wording "Sweden Design." 

Referring to my 4 photos of this candleholder I don't believe that this has been stained red due mainly to the fact that I can clearly see many dark striations in the wood surface.  It's likely not possible for the maker to have painted on these striations as well as staining the wood to its' present color.  I have many vintage 1960's teak wood items that I'd purchased at local thrift stores and most of these still appear to be brand new because they've never been used.  I appreciate your describing this as a Menorah and hadn't really been considering that it might have been such.

Mark, those "striations" are the grain of the wood which is softer than the non-grained surfaces. Being softer they absorb more stain than the other areas which makes them darker.  Teak is a light colored wood in its natural state.

Google, teak wood samples, and click "Images" and you'll see the red color of your Menorah. On the sample it states it is a red stain on fir.

Thank you; I wasn't aware that the striations were from the wood underneath; I have a huge collection of Dansk teak wood bowls, platters etc. that I picked up very inexpensively from lots of thrift stores in Northern Virginia.  I learned several years ago the Teak is now on the endangered species list so it can't be imported when used for small items such as these.   I haven't found out if this ban also extends to larger items such as furniture.  


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