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Would anyone be able to give me an idea as to what this is? It seems to be made of stone as it's heavy for it's size.

What do the signs underneath mean?

What would it be used for?

I was browsing in a charity shop and it caught my eye...

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You don't mention size? And where did you find it, or do you know anything else about it? That can help if you do.

It's an Egyptian hand carved scarab Beetle on one side, with an Egyptian carved symbols on a sorta shield on the other side. The shape is odd though on the sides. It looked like it slides on ropes or poles maybe?

I was thinking of the Japanese Netsukes, If that leads anywhere I don't know? I did find this, which is a museum replica of what they are calling an "amulet" too. 


Hi Vicki

Many thanks for your fast and detailed reply. It gives me something to work on.

I bought it in a Charity Shop it just seemed a bit interesting. Even though it's small it weighs 178g. It measures L6.5cm  W4cm  H4cm.

The 2 bits on the sides are hollow so something I guess could be put through them.

I will start some research on the info you have given me.

Kindest regards


It appears to be an Egyptian scarab beetle stamp to me.

If it is antique, it is in very good condition.

They have holes so you can thread it and wear it.

Hi Michael

Many thanks for your reply.

Hopefully I don't sound stupid but do you know of any way I can check if it's something made in the past few years or longer ago?

Kindest regards


Hieroglyphs are used in three ways, to phonetically represents various sounds, as a determinative (a symbol to help to clarify the meaning) or as an ideogram, a picture representing a concept.  For example, Chinese writing started off as ideograms, ie. the character for Man use to simply be a drawing of a man.
Attempting to translate the Hieroglyphics on the stamp may help to determine, but only if the translation indicates something out of place for such an item, or if it is in fact actual hieroglyphics at all, and not simply a design to mimic the aesthetics of genuine Hieroglyphics.

The hieroglyph for M for instance, seems to be facing the wrong direction if it were in fact meant to be a stamp, as the design on the stamp should be in mirror, not in normal readable direction.

There were a number of carved scarab beetles as part of an Egyptian revival art form.  Your piece may be one of those.   The best way to find out for sure would be to contact an egyptologist directly.  You can look them up online and eMail them a lot of photos of your piece from many angles, then be patient for a reply.  Don't ask them for a price, as they would not do such a thing and may even be offended by your inquiry of price on artifacts. 

Simply enquire if it is genuine, worry about price secondary if authenticated.

Wow thanks so much for all that information.

I will start looking for a egyptologist straight away

Once again thanks so much for your help and advice


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