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This dark green vessel is different in shape and not sure what it was used for. It has some type of animal hyde on the outsid for décor I guess. Inside the mouth of it the material they used to make it gooped up a bit and its like a hunk of material hunked and dried on.

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Tarahumara Native American pot, there are a number of designs and styles of these pots.

Image result for Tarahumara potImage result for Tarahumara pot

A quick Google Image search for "Tarahumara pot" will show you many results.


Tarahumara Indian pottery is a classic primitive style pottery. Located in the Sierra Madre mountains of northern Mexico, National Geographic Magazine called the Tarahumara, North America's most primitive people.

Once again, just because a piece of pottery is based on an earlier style, doesn't mean that it is a vintage piece of Tarahumara. You've identified the STYLE of the piece, not where it was from (color, modeling, decoration are all similar but different).

Totally agree there, I had all manner of difficulties trying to post this last night.  My original post contained additional imagery from Africa using extremely similar styles and colouring, I also went on to suggest Lorraines pot may not be a Tarahumara pot in the same style as those I posted above because as the rope on hers is very different to the tinner flatter straps used in the images I posted and the manner of binding differs as well.  It is of course still possible it is a Tarahumara that could have been rebound in an effort to restore some of the original look by someone who may not have been too phased by using different materials and binding style.

I also went on to say the Tarahumara pots shown, were being sold on a website along with many other items, which could mean they are not produced in the same authentic style, I cannot authenticate the items on the website from the information provided there any more than I can authenticate Lorraine's item from a few photos.

At this point, the possibilities remain wide open.

It was rather late last night when I posted this and couldn't figure out why my text and imagery kept disappearing on me. I decided to try my last post and then have another go this morning.


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