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Anyone know?

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Some of the wording is legible; on left side (facing) says Stampe?  Bottom reads Posta??  Right side looks like Zeptus? 1904 is post mark...I guess.

Writing appears to be European, but language is unknown. Value is minimal, if any, due to poor condition.

I assumed the value was no good, I Just kind of wanted to know about it, if anyone had any info

I thought the edges on it were very unique, i've never seen a stamp with those types of edges, usually they have the perforated kind with the holes, so I was wanting to know more about the stamp itself and what it was.

Hi Victoria

The text on the stamp are:

K.K. at the Top

STAMPEL at the Left

ZEITUNGS at the Right (Newspaper)

and POST at the Bottom

It is a newspaper stamp and is from Austria.

The world's first newspaper stamps were issued by Austria in 1851. Austrian newspaper stamps served the dual purpose of indicating prepayment of postage and signaling postal clerks to process the other mail first.

The stamp is simply printed as is without the perforation, someone looks to have hand trimmed the surrounding white off the stamp, a little unevenly as well.  Here is a clearer image of one dating from 1861 to show you one untrimmed.  In this condition it is estimated at between US$350 to US$500.

Image result for austria newspaper stamp

Thank you so much!  That is awesome!

Michael is correct news paper stamp. Best thing to do is find a collector and ask them the value. It could be worth $100 + or - in its condition. Check the Antiques and The Arts Weekly for dealers . 

Thank you!

Let Us Know How  You Make Out with this Stamp 

Just thought I'd followup with a quick link to a Google image search result using the following terms, in case you wish to view some of the other stamps in the same range:

austria newspaper stamp 1861

Interesting. I Googled "austria newspaper stamp 1904" as per the post mark and a whole bunch of other stamps came up which leads me to believe that your stamp wasn't available in 1904 but if you happened to have one you could still use it.

According to Michael's link it was available in 1861...taking into consideration that Google knows what it is talking about which is doubtful.

Looks like I misspoke when I said it had "minimal value".

Nice find.


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