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Dear All,

Just purchased a wonderful pair of English Arts & Crafts hand-painted stained glass windows circa 1870-1890. The designs bear strong influence of William Morris (see his round window at Red House for example). The motifs are also similar to designs by Daniel Cottier. The bamboo top and bottom shows influence of Japonisme. Each measures around 60 cms square. They will be used as internal glass separating a new personal library I am designing and a solar room. I am trying to identify the various plants depicted. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you. 

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PansiesImage result for stylized pansies

Daffodils and tulipsImage result for stylized poppies, daffodils, tulips

Image result for stylized poppies, daffodils, tulips poppies

Trumpet flowersImage result for trumpet flowers stylized

DaisiesImage result for stylized daisy

Thanks. I suspect more likely to be a heartsease given the date. Agree with the trumpet flower and the daisy. 

I see you live in Tokyo, Japan. Guess the "Red House" is there also? Wrong, it's in Bexleyheath, England. https://www.google.com/search?q=William+Morris+window+at+%22Red+Hou...:

Based on your pictures and "red house" windows attributed to William Morris I'd say they look alike to me, but I am not an authority. Some of your flowers look like wild flowers, 1 looks like leaf lettuce with carnation flowers??? Artistic freedom.

Your project sounds fun.

Thank you for your interest, Tom. You are correct to infer that there is a great deal of interest in William Morris and the Arts & Crafts in Japan, and has been since the movement first started. Likewise, the influence that the Japanese aesthetic, especially Ukiyo-e had on Morris et al was important. Red House is indeed at Bexleyheath, and if you haven't been, well worth a visit. I've been on numerous occasions. Artistic freedom may well be coming into play. Of particular interest with these windows is that they combine the 'nativism' of the Arts and Crafts movement with the 'exoticism' of the bamboo - and therein lies a tension. 

>Your project sounds fun. 

It certainly has its moments, but is more a responsibility the fun, as I try to house perhaps the finest collection of early 20th century Chinese English-Langauge newspapers and periodicals in private hands. Regards, P


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