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A few years ago I acquired this ST Dupont lighter from my late father and I'm curious about whether it has any value. Pretty sure that's not real gold. Maybe gold plate? It has never been used.

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Hi Mike, I looked these up a few years ago for a friend of mine, and some of these are worth big bucks! I think it depends on weather or not yours in marked"Paris" and which model you have.

Being that your's is Mint condition, is going to be in your favor.

Just doing a quick, "sold" search on ebay for you to see the variance of the values. ( see below)

You will need to do a bit of searching around with goggle and read up on the subject, then try to find yours, in order to establish your value.

Lucky you!

Vicki is correct check out and research . The right model can be worth $$$$

Here's some of the printing on the bottom. Does any of this help put a value on this item?

None of it means anything to me.



Take it to a smoke shop they would be of better help

That would be your "Series" or model number. You should be able to find your model name, and approx. date when it was made online. 

Just look on and try and compare yours to the ones being sold. You could also send an email to one of the sellers that seem knowledgeable. I'm sure they could tell you more.

If you google    cigarette lighter collectors   you will find many websites.  Possibly one or more of these will help you find someone knowledgeable about this specific collecting area.

Thanks, everyone, for your replies and advice!


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