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I picked this up today at local antique store for a few bucks has anybody seen or know anything about this bottle label i thought it was cool never seen one like it so had to have it after 2 hr on the  internet i havent found anything bout 5 1/2 in tall still sealed with original content i guess

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The current details of the blending company. If you contact them they may be able to shed light on your bottle.

Company name: General Blending Co. Ltd
Address: 5 Bell Rd. (11)
Phone: (876) 923-6236

Ryan, the bottle may be cool, but using NO punctuation is NOT.

Betty, this is the internet, more than that, it is a forum.  Punctuation may not be as important here as it is to simply get your message across.  Even though I do tend to use punctuation whenever I write, it certainly is not something I'd choose to pick on in situations such as these.  If the written word were being mangled within the context of a more official manner such as a media article, novel, official document submission etc... then by all means we should nit pick as much as possible, for they are situations in which grammar, punctuation and verbal dexterity are admired most.

In regards to punctuation and grammar, even so far as writing in styles such as, 'c u l8r' and the slang written sentences like 'wat ya think of this item', well I would say, "Who cares?", but obviously there are those whom it doth bother.  I just think, it shouldn't bother anyone if the time and place is not formal and the meaning is not lost as a side effect of the lack of punctuation, grammar or correct spelling.

I agree 100% with Betty. As a professional I expect the question will be written in proper English so that I don't have to figure out wadahellurtalkinbout  L8r

I do not wish this to descend into a debate of how things here should or should not be, this is not the right group for these posts.

If anyone wishes to debate this further, please can we take it up outside of here.

Is this a antique forum?

One would think bad grammar and antiques go side x side . Who the heck cares speak your mind and make your point known . The bottle is unusual and a nice find fer sure

None of us speaks The Queens English . To state someone should write something in proper English would require schooling in England. None of us in America use English grammar in correct form.

Just these few thing support the issue .


Queen's English










tube or underground
American English


blacktop, asphalt




pants, slacks




Chap---------------------The man down the street!

chips - (French) fries
lift - elevator
Slippers------> Thongs
dummy = soother
nappies= diapers
lorry = truck
pants = mens underwear
knickers = womens underwear
curtains = drapes
crisps = chips
biscuits = cookies
fringe = bangs (relating to hair)
dustbin = garbage can
loo = toilet
cot = crib
pushchair = stroller

Ryan, I've had a thought, if you can provide an extreme closeup photo in sharp focus, say like the % symbol in the alcohol content filling the photo frame, I may be able to see what style of print was used to create the label.  This may tell you if the label is a modern day vintage replica, something akin to a short print run option, or if it was produced on a larger production quantity machine which could indicate mass production, in which case, it could be genuinely old.


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