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I came across these nearly-transparent paper illustrations pasted in a scrapbook made from an old fashion book.  As you can see, the words printed in the fashion book show thru the glue-ins.  Each of the four is about the size of your hand - 3x6" or so.  For the life of me, I can't figure out what they might have been associated with originally.  Possibly paper to wrap a bundle of cigars?  The paper is super thin - think dress pattern paper, but even thinner and more transparent.

Anyone seen the like or have an idea of what the paper came with originally?

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Not much found. Flag has 3 rows of 8, 3 rows of 7, stars = 45 stars. That flag flew from July 4,1896 to July 3, 1908. Dates your paper to that time period.

Discovered that cigars and cigarettes of that era came with a paper insert. Size not shown but looks like it could be 3 x 6. They're called "cigarette papers, or cards". Hundreds of them, mostly European in nature.  One series dated 1900 had artists of the day paint pictures of inventions for the year 2000. Hilarious.

Not cigarette paper; size is wrong.

I  have some sand goggles, WW II African Campaign. They came with very thin light brown packing papers. Possibly your papers were used for packaging military supplies. Don't know.

Yeah, Tom - I'm familiar with tobacco cards and these definitely are - not those.  I was thinking more of a tissue lining insert in a box of ceegars, but these seem almost too large for that.  Besides, I think the gov't back then left such patriotic ephemera to be produced by the yellow press (ah, the good old days...), so my gut says let's keep guessing...

Another possibility. Some old books had photographs in them and very thin, light brown, tracing-like paper to protect them. If the photo was of Adm. Dewey then the protector may have had a print of the same picture on it.

Your picture of Dewey shows him as a Rear Admiral, 2 stars; 1898.  In 1903 he was promoted to Admiral of the Navy, 6 stars. His appointment was retroactive to 1898.

Your pic is highly published. On Google Images I counted 36 hits of that pic on the first page. I looked at several and while they had the same pic, the use of it differed. By opening "Page" of each pic you might be able to find the description or ID of the one you seek. If you can locate the info on Dewey you can assume the same for the others.

This is not an easy task. Good Luck.


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