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Wondering if anyone can help me identify what this box was used for or the logo on the front of it?  The logo, appears to be a man doing woodworking with  some letters off to the left, I see maybe three letters, the first one could be an S?  then an E and another S?  The box is 3.25" wide, made of wood with silver embossed ends and a hinged opening.  

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It's a snuff box. The image and initials on the front might be personalized to show the occupation of the snuff box owner.

Ah, that makes sense, thank you so much!

I agree, snuff box.

I think the design is an after market addition.  What you see as initials are the design. The center "Letters" are not letters, one is a buck saw, the other is a broad axe. The woodworker appears to be using an old wood plane. What you perceive as S's could be wood shavings from the wood plane.  Those tools are circa 1700-1800s.

The design was mounted crooked, not parallel to the lid edge. The screws are different metals. Two at the top are white metal whereas the others are steel (which rusts).

You have a nice piece of Americana/tobacco-ana.  Google (images) shows quite a few similar snuff boxes of same shape w/o designs.


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