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Good morning,

I was wondering if anyone has any insight on what these items might be. They are small leather triangles measuring 2 3/4' by 1 3/4". Two are sewn shut, but one is opened and has some sort of writings. I don't recognize the language. Someone suggested Arabic, but I don't know. I am thinking these are some sort of religious relics as they were found with other old crucifixes and rosaries. Thanks.

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I don't read Arabic or Farsi languages, but it might be helpful if you know someone that could read them for you?

The only thing I can think of in a triangle shape is the "Evil Eye" protection charms. They  are all over the world, including Arabic speaking nations. So that might help a little bit?

I think the language is Tibetan, written in calligraphy form. They are prayers sewn into prayer amulets which are worn around one's neck.  Opened, they become used and have little religious value, perhaps $5.00 USD. Unopened, new or antique, the average cost on eBay is around $65. Some, without any way to wear it, are left in piles near religious shrines or objects. I believe they are Buddhist objects. They come in different shapes, some are crudely made, others are elegant, with zippers, buttons, snaps, etc., and jewel adornment.

Open "Tibet language alphabet", click "Images" 


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