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This silver serving set was given to me by my grandmother nearly 30 years ago. The set consists of a serving tray, coffee pot, tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl with lid and lump sugar bowl. On the bottom of each piece is stamped: English Silver; made in U.S.A.; English man's head; some kind of shield; the numbers 778. 778 is stamped on the larger pieces, but looks to be hand etched on the smaller pieces. If anyone has any idea what this set might be worth I would appreciate your input.


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You can go on Ebay and they have a lot of English Silver on there. There is a set similar to your with a starting bid of $138. Take a look to make sure you match up the right ones.
Thanks, I'll check out eBay.

American firm English Silver Manufacturing Corporation, Brooklyn, New York. Founded c.1950, in business at least into the mid 1970's. Had some kind of relationship with Leonard Silver Mfg. They only produced silverplated items.

This is not silver from England.

There are many sets of silver plated tea services for sale. Values are minimal. Too much trouble keeping it shiny; needs frequent polishing.


I went to eBay, Completed Sales, and for non-antique (your set is 30-50 years old) tea sets the lowest price (sold) was $21. and the highest price was $79.00. 


If you plan to sell it you'll need to polish it first.  Tarnished modern sets don't sell. Expect to spend 2-3 hours polishing it!


I don't think this is silver plated. I put a magnet to the tray and it wouldn't stick. I know it's not from England. It is stamped made in the U.S.A. It is very heavy.

Karie, If it is not engraved or stamped "Sterling" or "925", then it is not SILVER.  The company only made "silverplated items."

Magnets stick to ferrous metals (iron, steel).  Silver plated items are usually done on non-ferrous metals like copper, tin, brass. And silver also is non-ferrous (magnets don't stick to it).

I'm not sure how heavy "very heavy" is or what is has to do with your set.  How much does silver plate weigh?  How much does sterling silver weigh? 

Sorry I don't have better news.  I avoid buying all silver-plated items. Yet some stores buy all they can find.


Manufacturer of silverplated wares from 1950. Some of its articles are marketed by Leonard Silver Manufacturing Company.  Found this information on American Silverplate marks site.   The set is gorgeous.  Good luck!
Thanks everyone for your input.

You don't really need to polish it if you intend to sell it.  The shabby chic crowd actually prefers the tarnished patina.


Just saying. 


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