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Please find the attached picture. I am tried of finding the information. 

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Sorry, but what does "I am tried of finding the information" mean? 

The info at the bottom reads, Saturday Evening Post, and the dates, and the pictures are the same as the front covers, both by Norman Rockwell.



Stein would be a better description.  Mug is a large cup. 

Hi Jayz, I did a google search and this is what I found.  It appears that Norman Rockwell Steins were more colorful.  Based on that and the appearance of yours, I think that yours was painted in a ceramic studio by an amatuer.  It looks like there are stilt marks on the bottom that look like the marks on the ceramics that I used to make.


Can you tell us what it says around the bottom on both sides?  I can't read it all.

I think Donna is on the right track except I think what you have is a forgery. Norman Rockwell's name is ALWAYS shown on his products,prints, illustrations,etc.  The way his works are presented on your stein by name of publication and date circumvents the posting of his name and usurps the payment of a licensing fee, which is how forgers operate.

You have not filled in your Profile, so I have no idea where you live. If you live outside the USA the stein may be something made in your country.

made in ceramic  class from greenware  done any time recently

Thank you all for ur reply. I live in canada.. i have more items whixh needs to identify.


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