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Hello peeps,
I have recently acquired a couple of original watercolors by a Rowl Greenhalgh who is said to have worked for, and was a friend of Walt Disney himself.

I have found very little information on Rowl Greenhalgh and can only say for sure that he was an animator in Australia with his own production company (Rowl Greenhalgh Productions)
I have been contacted by someone in Australia who knew Rowl, who confirmed his association with Disney and stated that he was one of the original Disney animators?

Sadly Rowl Greenhalgh is now deceased but did live into his 90's I believe.

It's always nice to know a little more about an artist you have pieces by.
If anyone knows any more about this artist, anything at all?, this would be marvelous.

Thanks for any info available.
Mark (UK)

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He lived at Reedy Creek on the Gold Coast of Australia.  As a young artist he did work for Disney and he was a personal friend of Walt Disney and his wife.  He loved to paint and he painted Disney scenes from home for people who heard of him from word of mouth.  He had an informal understanding with Disney that he could produce these paintings because of his history with the company, as long as it was kept small  and he did not try to build a business out of it.  This is how the Disney scenes were produced without fear of copyright breaches.  He produced classic Disney scenes and also some he made up based on Disney. Rowl passed on a few years ago. He is a little part of Australian history.

Thanks Molly,

I also understand that a Brisbane University (poss: Queensland University of Technology) included his work in one of their modules (Have contacted QUT, plus others, and am awaiting a response).

I had already knew (Sorry lol) most of what you mentioned but didn't know his lived at Reedy Creek, bit by bit I'm gathering more and more information.

If he is a part of Australian history I would expect some media/art's institute would have information on him which I could gather (Just need to find out who?)

Many thanks Molly,



This article appears to be from when he was a younger man.

Christmas Daze. This cute little short was made for the Australian Broadcasting commission, with animation by the small Rowl Greenhalgh productions. Finding information about this small studio has been difficult, but the studio did produce commercials in Australia in the late 50’s through at least 1960. Greenhalgh also illustrated children’s books into the 70s. 

Lovely please keep it coming, but what I would like more than anything is written or photographic evidence that he worked for Disney.
Go get it Molly :OP


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