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I was given this jug by my mother who has owned it for 20 or more years. I have researched the Rothmans. The only Janet Rothman items I have found are plates. Her husband did more unique pottery. I was baffled by the signature on the jug. It appears to have the authentic Rothwoman signature, but what can the "I (heart) Rothwoman" signature mean? Is it possible her husband made the pottery for Janet to paint? Any input would be most welcome. attached are more photos. Patti

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Thanks very much for your input but the signature says Rothwoman. From what I was able to research, Janet and Jerry Rothman were both potters. She signed her pieces Rothwoman instead of Rothman. I have enclosed a signature from the bottom of a Rothwoman plate that's for sale on ebay. The of painting on the pieces is the same. Unless someone is really good at duplicating her work, the signatures are the same as well. Of four signatures I've seen on plates for sale they are all not exactly alike but all have the same pattern. One even has a heart that looks very close to the same as the one on the Rothwoman plate for sale. I looked at Howard Ruthman's pottery and it isn't anything like Janet Rothman's, but again, I appreciate that you took the time to respond.

One more of a Rothwoman plate
Thanks so much for your input. It's been hard to get information and I appreciate that you took the time to write.
Have you looked at the art Jerry Rothman makes? His prices are 4-5 figures. He has won awards the world over and is showcased in numerous high-end galleries. His work doesn't look anything like those pieces you have.
If his wife Janet made these pieces they were done with his direction and knowledge but were signed by her. I would guess this was done (using a different name) to maintain separation from his work.

This is my assumption; I am not an appraiser.


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